How To Get QuickBooks Certifications Step By Step? 

 August 20, 2021

Become QuickBooks Certified- How To Get QuickBooks certifications?


Read this post to see what is the certification of QuickBooks and how to access its many levels of QuickBooks Certifications. Why is certified in QuickBooks important? Learn how your accounting and tax procedures assist you, as well. 


QuickBooks is the most sophisticated bookkeeping software popular for small to large companies. Intuit, is a QuickBooks manufacturer, which continuously updates and modifies its goods.


 This is why they continually produce new versions of certification tests to give a programme to improve your knowledge to better serve your customers (called ProAdvisor). The page is for aid and guidance, but you have any inquiries or request


Who is a Certified User for QuickBooks?

Bypassing the test, certified users obtain the certification. This refers to QuickBooks’ newly developed abilities for occupational accounting positions and shows successfully bookkeeping competencies including how to use QuickBooks for buying orders, tracking sales and costs, monitoring financial records, and producing or maintaining factors.

If you think you need QuickBooks certification, you will read the skills with this certification.

Various qualifications included in QuickBooks Certifications

  • Lists working
  • QuickBooks setting
  • Use additional accounts for Quickbooks
  • Sales and invoice data entered
  • Payments received and the software deposits made
  • Revenue and payment
  • QuickBooks financial analysis

QuickBooks Certification Can Help You Advance Your Career

If you want to get QuickBooks certified, there are three terms you should remember. Attend the programme, study, and take the test.


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Participate in Training

The two-day mastering QuickBooks training offered by Intuit is the finest place to begin your quest for QuickBooks Certification. This course will teach you how to set up QuickBooks to handle money in and out, payroll, banking, and more.


Getting Ready To Take The Certification Exam


The basis of QuickBooks knowledge is QuickBooks training programmes. You prepare for the exam after finishing the first phase of training. After you’ve completed the class, you’ll need a QuickBooks certification study guide. You will also get experience from the practice test questions. The best part is that you will receive all of this for free if you attend the training class.


Take the Test

You’re almost finished! The QuickBooks certification test is the last stage. Following the completion of training and exam preparation. The Officials test will begin for you, with a two-hour time limit (According to an official exam).

Fill up your information and begin the exam with NACPB or another certified online association. The online exam is organized by the accountant training and assessment center.


Various Stages Of QuickBooks Certifications 

These certificates are available through Intuit:


  • Certified in QuickBooks (Desktop version)
  • Certified in QuickBooks Online
  • Certification for QuickBooks POS
  • Certification for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions


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1.Prerequisites for Each QuickBooks Certification The prerequisites for each QuickBooks certification differ depending on the course:


2.QuickBooks Desktop Certification and QuickBooks Online Certification: There are no prerequisites for these basic courses.


3.After passing the QuickBooks Desktop Certification test for one year, you can take the QuickBooks Point of Sale and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions certifications.


4.QuickBooks Desktop Advanced Certification: If you have passed the QuickBooks Desktop Certification test three times in a row, you are eligible for this course.


5.QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification: A current QuickBooks Online Certification is required for this course.


What Does It Take To Become A QuickBooks ProAdvisor?

If you are familiar with accounting, you will find the QuickBooks Proadvisor application to be simple to use. Intuit offers free ProAdvisor programmes online. There is a modest yearly charge if you wish to utilize all of QuickBooks Proadvisor’s features, including access to desktop versions. Access to the current year’s Quickbooks Desktop and Enterprise Solutions software is included in the price.


It is also available free of charge, as previously mentioned. As a result, whether you pick the free or premium version of the application is entirely up to you. Virtual conferences and free live training sessions are provided by Training.


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Budgets And QuickBooks Desktop Certification

QuickBooks Online Accountant includes desktop self-paced instruction, an exam, and a credential badge. The following are some of the new features:


  • Self-paced training and test that has been updated
  • The certification badge can be updated.
  • Provide a certificate and a ProAdvisor badge that may be downloaded.
  • In addition, the certification history section has been revised.


After you’ve earned your QuickBooks Desktop certification, you can easily market your company and ProAdvisor badge on the Find an accountant website.


QuickBooks Certifications Types 

Recertification varies depending on the types of certification you have:

QuickBooks Online Certification: 

To keep your QuickBooks Online knowledge up to date, we recommend taking an updated test once a year. Because QBO accreditation is only valid till the next July 31st. As previously stated, a member who is certified on the most recent version of QuickBooks Desktop is put at the top of the QuickBooks Find-a-ProAdvisor Website.


The certifications for QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions are offered on a two-year cycle. You just need to qualify in them once every two years for the upgrade.


I hope that this post will help you acquire a QuickBooks Certifications procedure or a QuickBooks Certification system. Contact our helpline at +1-44-384-1327 for more discussion on this issue.


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