Clubhouse Clone : Become an Giant With App like Clubhouse 

 August 17, 2021

Social media networks keep us engaged all day through their presence. Can you imagine a day without social media in your life? This will surely be one herculean task for all of us. We start and end our day with social media apps. With social media apps, you will never miss out on any global updates and news.

Amidst the global pandemic, social media was the only ray of hope for us to socialize with others. This was when the miracle happened. Generally, social media apps are meant to provide us a platform to share photos, videos, etc. But the strategy which Clubhouse handled was quite new for the audience.

The audio-based social media gave a whole new experience for people to engage in voice chat or voice-based discussions with others. The Clubhouse was the first one to start this trend. This has eventually led several entrepreneurs to come up with their own ideas. So, we thought of sharing with you some ideal insights about .

For budding entrepreneurs who are interested in launching audio-based social media apps, this blog will surely be your cup of tea.

Why is Clubhouse unique from other existing social media apps?

Unlike other social media apps, it provides a forum for individuals to come together to engage in voice chats. They can listen, talk, discuss and participate in discussions with other members of the app. The app offers a special forum called rooms where the discussions take place. The users can join these rooms and take part in discussions.

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They can either participate or engage in the conversation with the other members. One thing that makes it stay unique from other apps is that the users need not have been camera conscious as it is completely focused on audio-based engagement. They need not have to text, add photos or videos to participate in the app. All they need to do is click the record button and start recording.

It encourages users to conduct discussions on various topics like mental health, arts, music, awareness discussions on social concerns, etc. Initially, it was launched as an invite-only social media app. However, now it lets anyone join the app.

Clubhouse Clone App

Some of the eye-catchy features you can refrain from in your Clubhouse clone app development

The real success of Clubhouse is not only because of the concept but also their note-worthy features that captivated millions of people. So when you decide to launch an alternative to the Clubhouse app, it’s better if you could refrain from them.

  • Easy on-boarding process

Since the app is open for all users, you can layout an easy registration process for the users to register with the app. Make simple, user-friendly steps and allow your users to swiftly register using their email address and phone number.

  • Rooms

The rooms are the place where discussions will take place. The users can find the available rooms in their feed along with their topics of discussion. It depends on the hosts to either keep the discussions private or public.

  • Clubs

Your Clubhouse app clone should enable users to create groups with their communities. People with the same thoughts or interests might want a separate platform to discuss in private. So, you can encourage them to create clubs. They can either conduct their discussions in private or public.

  • Feeds

The  feeds act as the home page for your app. Here, the users can find the active rooms and their discussion topics. This will help them join rooms along with their interests.

  • Search option

This is a must-have feature in your app. The users can search profiles, rooms, clubs, and conversations in the app. However, through this, they can easily search and find their options.

  • Notifications

To keep the users engaged with your app, you can send notifications to them about the app. So whenever someone from the users’ following list joins a room, they will get notified. Likewise, whenever there are any active rooms, the users will get notifications.

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Wrapping up,

Audio-based social media is making news around the corner. Instead of beating around the buses, trying out launching an audio-based social media app – Clubhouse clone will be a great start for your entrepreneurial journey.

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