5 Ways to Benefit From Your Smartphone During Business Trip 

 November 2, 2021

Today, business trips are a very common way to find partners or resolve important official issues. However, even the most experienced traveler can face some difficulties on a business trip.

For example, you are traveling to Boston and want to pick up car rental Massachusetts at your arrival airport. Car rental is a great way to get around wherever you go, but what if your flight is delayed? How to spend long hours waiting and how to get a rental car if you’re late?

Fortunately, your smartphone will tell you – the main thing is to install the correct applications on it. There are many more ways your smartphone can help you on your business trip. Here are five possible problems you may encounter and applications to solve them.

  • Check out airport security rules 


Communication with airport security officers is one of the most painful points for business travelers.  This threatens delays and damaged nerves. In addition, ever-changing safety regulations and requirements make it difficult for travelers to prepare for potential inconveniences.

The My TSA service is a real-time application that comes in handy to solve this problem. It contains safety recommendations, estimated waiting times, and information on flight delays. With this app, you can view the weather conditions at any airport. In addition, your invaluable experience can help other travelers, as the service provides feedback that complements the base of the service with information about your trip. The most popular feature of the application is the section of questions “Can I take it with me?” It allows you to find out the list of things prohibited for transportation on airplanes.

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  • Stay calm in case of flight delay


Business travelers are used to flight delays – only a rare number of trips can’t do without them. But how do you make yourself feel comfortable while waiting for your flight? The answer is simple: download and install App in the Air on your iOS or Android-powered smartphone.

This app will help you fly more safely despite such annoyances as flight delays. With this app, you can find the best food and coffee at the airport. Use it to determine the best ways to spend your time and find free Wi-Fi as well. App in the Air will also automatically notify your friends and family of where you are.

  • Maintain health while traveling 


A business trip is unlikely to add to your health. Business people often dine away from home and rarely get the opportunity to work out in the gym or go for a morning run. So, maintaining a diet and physical fitness while traveling can be challenging.

Yes, it will be difficult until you install yumPower on your smartphone. This app will help you find nearby restaurants and cafes that offer healthy and delicious food. All restaurants and menu items in this app are approved by the nutritional team. You can select the desired establishment by such food options as ‘Smart Sodium’, ‘Low Calories’, ‘High-Fiber Foods’, ‘Fruits and Vegetables’, ‘Diabetes Friendly’, and ‘Baby Food’.

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All restaurants and dishes have their own rating. Just find the place or menu with the most ‘Yums’. You can also give your ‘Yum’ voice if you find a place or tasty dish that you like.

  • Avoid Emergencies 


It’s so easy to forget to take your prescription for the necessary medications with you. Add to this the unfamiliar environment of being in a strange city, away from your pharmacy, and you have an excellent recipe for a business trip disaster.

Fortunately, Professional Pharmacy Pocket Rx helps to avoid this scenario. With this application, you can order prescription drugs right from your mobile device. Professional Pharmacy Pocket Rx is completely free software that makes it possible to access all of your current recipes.

After creating an account, you can enter data in three ways: manually, by selecting from a list saved in your profile, or by scanning the barcode of your medicine packaging. In addition, the app will allow you to find the nearest pharmacy using the GPS option.

  • Quickly buy what you need 


Anything can happen on a business trip. You can leave your belongings in the taxi, or lose them at the airport. Sometimes you will have to say goodbye to your belongings in order to save time. However, then you need to restock clothes and other items at your destination.

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The Goodzer app will help you quickly buy everything you need in an unfamiliar city. This app is a handy personal shopping assistant. Regardless of the item you want to buy, Goodzer shows you all nearby stores selling a similar item. It displays prices, availability, and shows you how to find a store. You can even order an item online or save it to your shopping list.

The application can search for products by user preferences, including price, distance to the store or its name. More than half a million local retailers currently work with the app in the US, so people on business can instantly find what they need.

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