Affiliate Marketing what it is and how it works 

 April 16, 2020

In the last few years the mania for affiliate marketing has literally exploded , i.e. the creation of ad hoc contents (content curation) and their subsequent promotion through various channels ( content marketing ), in order to attract interesting users who can make the purchase of a certain product; purchase which however does not take place on a proprietary ecommerce (direct sale) but on a third party site (for example Amazon), and the profit derives from a percentage that the advertiser recognizes to the affiliate (who acted as intermediary) for each purchase successful.

Affiliate Marketing: what it is

L ‘ affiliate marketing (or affiliate marketing) is an agreement that is usually established between a big digital player (Amazon, Booking, etc.) And a single blogger or you tuber, by which the latter receives the monthly payment of a sum which is equivalent to the percentage (fixed by the contract) on the total amount sold.



Also complicit in many disinformation campaigns that boast easy and consistent earnings with affiliate marketing, many people have thought they sniffed out “the deal of life”, the much coveted “make money without doing anything”, and threw themselves headlong into this activity, only to discover that things are very different.

You can make money with affiliate marketing, but you must be a professional in the sector, have excellent knowledge in various digital fields and above all devote many hours of work.

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Affiliate Marketing: How It Works

The affiliate , based also on his own knowledge, has the main task of creating contents (textual, graphics, videos, etc.) and conveying them to an interested audience through SEO (organic traffic), Social Media Marketing , Email marketing , Chatbots and sponsorships (for example google AdWords) with the aim of directing them to the affiliate platform .

On this platform the user will find the products he is interested in purchasing, presented with informative texts, reviews and videos illustrating their use. These contents must all compete together to convince the user to make the purchase or other conversion (for example, leave your data, make a download or make yourself available to receive a phone call).



The affiliate platform keeps track of every action performed by the user, linking it with a special ID to the affiliate’s identification code. Thanks to this constant tracking, it is then easy for the advertiser to assign individual sales to the respective affiliates and therefore make a payment to each one (usually on a monthly basis) based on the results obtained.

The affiliate’s skill therefore lies in identifying the right niche of public for a certain product and being so “persuasive” (with the content created) as to transform the largest number of users into buyers (leads).

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The more the advertiser sells, the more obviously the percentage the affiliate earns.

Already from this it can be understood that to make big gains with affiliations one must be able to intercept and convey a very large number of people and bring many of them to carry out the final action we desire; which is absolutely not easy.

What can we do for you?

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