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We are accepting the submission of articles from all journalists and writers who can write USA-themed articles about politics, breaking news, HR, Business promoting, new fashion, breaking news, and many more. The writers can also submit articles on the current affairs of the world.  We will only accept articles that contain specific and important information.

How to Write Guest Post for USA Blog?

Why do we accept guest submission of blogs? We accept articles from a different genre of people because we love reading the point of view of different people and discuss different issues in this lifestyle blog USA.

There is a difference between writing a guest blog and submitting an article. If you write a guest blog for us, we will help you to attract a lot of visitors and increasingly target a large audience. Do you want to publish your guest blog on this London lifestyle blog USA? If yes, then signup and add your guest blog.

RULES for Submitting Guest Blog

Please read all guidelines as mentioned below on our USA blog, there are some house rules that you should read.

Length: An article of 800+ words is only acceptable.

Paragraphs: Give your content a nice and readable look by splitting it into small paragraphs. A paragraph must contain 3 to 4 lines in each. It will make it easy for the audience to read it.

Be Unique

All articles should be your own thinking and creation. Of course, writers can get inspiration from others too but please be mindful and share your opinion with us. We are against outrage and bias content; our readers are looking for something important and engaging content. So be careful about what the content you are sharing with us.

Media:  You can also attach media such as an image (JPG, PNG), video, map, or tweets in your article to give your content a meaningful look. But be aware of copyright issues….


We will charge a little fee for promoting any company or business campaign on our website.

Why Choose us for Guest Blog?

Guest posting is sometimes very intimidating. It is an easy way of attracting more connections. There are different benefits; you can get by posting your article on this USA blog through guest posting.

  • Instantly approve your guest post
  • Introduce top niches E.g. fashion industry, politics, business, technology, travel, healthy lifestyle, and many more
  • Easy access to a high domain authority page
  • Get instant do-follow link for future
  • Connect with an active community that post fresh content
  • Get potential traffic on your page
  • Increase your ranking

Why dofollow backlinks are so important?

Do you know what the most important factor for increasing the search engine ranking for your page is? Backlinks are important to hit a certain number of targeted audiences on your website. It is all about connecting bloggers and different forums on one point.

Post Quality related detailed Guidelines

  1. One SEO optimize Featured image (Size: 40-100kb)
  2. Add 2-3 images in between the post, so its looks genuine and attractive.
  3. Arrange Content with Separate Headings like H2 and H3 
  4. Original Unique: Never Copy from Other Sites. Don’t use Spinners. It should be 100% plagiarism-free. (We will read different lines between article)
  5. No Grammar Mistakes (Try Grammarly Pro)
  6. The minimum article should be 800 Words with 1 Do-Follow link, 1500+ Words for 2 Do-Follow links
  7. Due to the huge request for guest posts, you can expect your article to be published in 2-24 hours.
  8. Our Editorial team checks each and every article with multiple tools and filters the best content to be published on our blog. We make sure that your article gets proper on-page SEO.
  9. Create 2 internal links to relevant pages, don't just link to home page. We check everything.
  10. When you submit your content, its important to complete the checklist and submit for approval, if you leave your post in Draft it will not be reviewed by the editors.
  11. VERY IMPORTANT :  If your post is not approved in 24 hours kindly login into your account and check, editors will comment in your post about what needs to be done for approval.

If you cant follow these rules, please don’t submit your post because It will be not be approved.

Categories that we accept.

  • Online Marketing
  • link Building
  • Mobile Apps
  • Web Hosting
  • SEO News
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Content Marketing
  • Web Design & Development
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Technology
  • Business
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Sports
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Gaming
  • Casino
  • Cannabis
  • General
  • Real Estate
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