UX Designer Salary in India for Freshers and Experienced 

 July 23, 2021

UX Design, also known as User Experience Design, is the creation of products that enable users to have more enjoyable and simpler experiences. UX Design is a stream of conceptual design, but it relies heavily on human behaviour as well as ergonomics. UX Design is a popular career option in India. If an individual has the ability to design, human behaviour, and web design, then they would be able to earn a high-paying UX Designer Salary. The base UX Designer Salary is Rs 8-9 Lakh an annum. However, these insights from Glassdoor and Payscale will help you to excel in your UX Design career and understand the salary trends and prepare yourself for higher pay.

What is the? Salary for UX Designer in India what is the best way to get started?

TCS, Infosys and Cognizant offer a salary upwards of Rs 7 Lakh annum. At SAP Labs, the figure can be as high as Rs 12 Lakh annum. UX Designers’ salaries are also affected by their skills and where they live. Based on the above, the average UX Designers salary in India is Rs 8.74 Lakhs a year.

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Salaries for UX Designers at Beginner Level

You start with an average salary of Rs 4 Lakh per year if you have less than 1 year of experience. This is applicable to recent design graduates or people who haven’t started working on real-world projects.

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Salary for UX Designer Entry-Level

A design degree is not necessary, but you can get 1-4 years of experience by taking the UX course at Springboard. You can work as a freelancer or full-time UX designer, you can expect growth of Rs 7-10 Lakhs per annum at the least in your job. If your work is exceptional and you have advanced skills, there are some companies that might offer higher compensation.

Salary for UX Designers in the Mid-Career or Experienced Level

There are many companies such as Adobe and SAP that will pay you more if you’ve worked with diverse clients or have five to nine years of experience as a UX designer.

Cities in India offering competitive salaries for UX designers

Bangalore, known as the Silicon Valley of India is home to many of India’s most innovative startups and multinational corporations. It is home to the highest number of UX Designers and offers a higher than average compensation for their talents.

Cities like Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad attract top minds from IDC-IITB and other colleges. They also offer good salaries.

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A career as a UX designer

Donald Norman, a professor who studied design, cognitive science, and ease-of-use, coined the term “User Experience”. He stated that UX Designers are involved in all aspects of product design. You design the foundations for consolidating, securing and preserving a product. You also look at design, branding and aesthetics. UX Designers focus on understanding the basic features of the product. What? What? Extrapolating the same will allow you to address users’ needs and the functionality of the product.

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You must be aware that UX Design can be a complex discipline. UX Design requires talent from many backgrounds. Although you may have studied programming, psychology, interaction design or design, you can still create your own niche as a UX Designer.

You will need to have the following skills in order to earn an above-average UX designer salary
A bachelor’s degree can help you become a UX Designer. The design industry thrives on adapting to current trends. These are just a few of the skills that have an impact on UX Designer Salary Trends.

1. Spot on Creativity and Visualization

Creativity should be a strength that you keep working on. It will become your greatest strength as you practice it over time to visualize the end product. This will help you with visual design and aesthetics.

2. Ability To Design in Sync with Business

Good design is the foundation of a successful business. For you to land that dream UX Designer job or freelance project, it is important to have a good understanding of both. Solid knowledge of wireframing and prototyping tools will make you a skilled UX Designer.

3. Building a Client-Driven Methodology

You may be a programmer or an artist but it is crucial to think like an end-user when designing a product.

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4. Love for Details and Design
They say the devil is always found in the details. It is important to start paying attention to the details early in your career. Clients and your company will notice the difference. This could have a significant impact on your salary.

5. Strong programming and analytical skills
The icing on the cake is technical and logical knowledge. It can make a UX Designer’s life easier. Better product design is possible when you understand the mindset of the user.

6. Problem-solving mindset and inclination to collaborate
UX Designers work with a variety of peers from different business lines. This passion to collaborate and communicate with others, solve relevant product problems, and have a balanced outlook, will help you advance in your career.

The salary trends for UX Designers are dependent on the city, the title, and the alma mater. We found that UX Designer salaries can be achieved by staying current in the industry, learning new skills, working on projects, and keeping up with the trends.

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