The Best 6 PDF Managers for You 

 March 23, 2022



Online SodaPDF editors are gateways to helping people manage and edit their important PDF files by giving them easy-to-use tools and interfaces. These editors give people the opportunity to open and edit PDF files from every walk of life from medical records and histories to important financial and legal documents. Users can upload their files to the browser-based tools and work on them directly or download a desktop version to give themselves more options when working offline.


Lumin PDF


Lumin PDF is a premium PDF editor and tool that users can download to their desktop or use online via browser-based tools. The program features many useful and everyday PDF editing tools and features like adding or removing comments or annotations and letting users convert or merge their large PDF files into one.


Lumin PDF can also connect to various cloud drives to give users better security and let them save any changes to a PDF automatically. The program has certain file size limits (a paid subscription, however, enables unlimited file sizes) for converting or compressing PDFs, but users can still merge and split their PDF files or add security features like password protection.




Nuance PDF is a PDF editing software that is available for purchase but also lets users view their PDF files for free with a downloadable extension. The software comes in various versions and users can experiment with the different versions by downloading free trial programs. Nuance has a built-in PDF viewer and editor that has limited applications for the free trial versions, but expanded capabilities for the desktop versions.

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Nuance can also convert PDF documents to other file types to make them easier to edit and send to other users. Other features of the Nuance desktop software include the easy methods to merge, split and compress PDF files while retaining important design elements like page breaks and paragraph sizes. Users can also create new PDF forms from scratch or use one of many downloadable templates.



SmallPDF is the brainchild of a dedicated group of programmers who wanted to deliver high-quality PDF editing capabilities to everyone. They achieved that goal with their browser-based tools that feature a simple, drag and drop function for uploading documents to their easy-to-navigate dedicated pages for compressing or merging files.


Users can visit the SmallPDF website to begin trying their different tools, or they can download a desktop version to get access to all their advanced features and functions. SmallPDF also offers users safe, confidential storage of their important PDF files as any uploaded files are deleted from the company’s servers after two hours.




PDFEscape is a versatile PDF editing program that gives users an expanded set of editing options like adding or removing text and letting users compress or convert their important files. PDFEscape is both in an online or digital, downloadable version that is supported by both Windows and macOS.

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The program gives users a wealth of different and unique editing functions like being able to create new PDFs in fillable forms or letting them scan existing documents into PDF forms. Users can also download the desktop versions to have access to more specialized features like printing, sharing, and securing their most important PDF documents.


Adobe Acrobat


Adobe Acrobat is the company that invented the Portable Document Format so they have the most sought-after and specialized editing software to support it. Adobe Acrobat is a desktop software that is also available for purchase in a digital version that gives users an unlimited scope of editing possibilities.


Users can choose from several different versions of the Adobe Acrobat software from the Acrobat DM or Pro versions that allow for PDF editing, viewing, merging, splitting, and conversions. Some of the more standard features (like merging and compressing) Adobe allows for free on its website. While other more advanced tools like document creation, saving and sharing, and fillable forms are only available via purchasing the software.


Infix Professional


Infix Professional is another PDF editor that offers users a full suite of specialized editing tools along with a roster of ready-made templates for use. The software is only available for desktops but users can download a free PDF editor as well. The free editor offers basic tools like editing, merging, and splitting while also offering next-generation features like OCR technology and scanning capabilities.

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Infix is modeled after other word processing programs so it has a familiar interface meant to make the program more user-friendly. Apart from editing features, users can also make other editorial changes like adding or removing notes, annotations, and comments, while also being able to digitally sign important documents.


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