Is Your Mattress Causing you Back Pain? 

 September 16, 2021


No one wants to deal with back pain since it can lead to complications and discomfort. one of the common causes of back pain is a mattress. You need to see if you can find the best mattress to avoid back pain, but you be unsure about how you can find the right one for you. If you need advice when it comes to back pain and your mattress, you should go through this guide.


Back Pain vs. Neck Pain

First, you should figure out if you feel back pain or neck pain. For example, if you feel pain where your shoulders meet your neck or higher up, you most likely suffer from neck pain. If you have consistent neck pain, you should look into different pillows to give yourself more neck support.


However, if you feel pain around your shoulder blades or on the upper and lower back, you most likely suffer from back pain. See if you have chronic back pain since certain activities can lead to issues. If you wake up each morning in pain, you may need a new mattress.


The Types of Mattresses

You need to look through the mattress options available to figure out the best one for you. First, you should see if you have a firm or soft mattress since different types might be better for you, depending on your condition and how you sleep. If you have back pain with a firm mattress, you should try a softer one to see if it does a better job for you.

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Once you know what firmness you want to try, you should look through various mattress types. For example, you could get a bedroom mattress, a mattress for your couch or even the best RV mattress available to ensure you get the right type.


Other Ways to Relieve Back Pain


If changing your mattress doesn’t help with back pain, you should try these tips to relieve some of it.


Stretch in Bed

You should do some stretches in bed to get some relief from your back pain. While stretches before bed may help you with falling asleep, you should get into the habit of stretching as soon as you get up. If you get up without stretching, your body could ache from you moving around in your sleep the night before.


Spend some time doing different stretches such as touching your toes, turning to the side and many others. By stretching, you give your body a chance to prepare itself for the day, so you don’t strain it once you need to get up for the day.


Exercise Regularly

You should also get into the habit of exercising regularly if you still experience back pain. Exercising helps your body build itself up, so it will become less likely to experience pain. You should look into cardio-based exercises if you want to help yourself avoid back pain.

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This involves walking, running and anything that gets your daily steps in. Focus on working out a bit each day and slowly building it up. As you do this, you can get more exercise to help you sleep at night. It will help you sleep better and reduce your overall back pain.


Seek Medical Help

If your back pain keeps happening despite having an amazing mattress and doing your best to fight against it, you may need some medical help. Some people will go to a chiropractor to see if they need to have their back worked on to relieve some of the tension. Depending on how much pain you face, you could get medication to help you out.


However, don’t just do whatever you want when it comes to medical attention. You should instead see your doctor, let him or her know about your back pain and receive assistance for it, so you can get the proper treatment you need.



Finding the right mattress for you to sleep on may involve some difficulties, but you can search for it and minimize your back pain. Make sure you consider the mattresses above to make sure you pick the best mattress available. You can also use the three relief tips to help you alleviate back pain once you purchase your new mattress.

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Author Name– Zoya Maryam

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