Decentraland or Sandbox – Which Is Best? 

 May 19, 2022

Those who are interested in decentralized gaming platforms are familiar with Decentraland and Sandbox Metaverses. Decentraland and Metaverse are the most important terms when it comes to the world of Metaverse. On this site they have statements about bitcoin being decentralized in the metaverse world.


What is Decentraland?


Decentraland is known as the very first Metaverse project to launch. It was launched in the year 2017. In 2017, a completely realistic as well as entertaining three-dimensional Metaverse platform was established. This platform has aimed to enable users and players to attain land parcels and also let them explore the huge virtual world in one place. Decentraland has become the go-to blockchain virtual reality structure for beginners.


The Decentraland DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) is responsible for the entire structure. This crypto project is fully decentralized as it does not work under the power of any centralized authority. This refers to the fact that anyone who owns the MANA tokens, automatically owns a fraction of Decentraland. Furthermore, it tells us that the holder or investor can be involved in the Metaverse supervision.


Still, a refined software development kit (SDK) is always accessible that offers extra flexibility and options. Decentraland is perfect for people who are looking for adjustments and have know-how about programming. The platform of Decentraland offers a wide variety of activities that includes games, casinos, events, and a lot more. If we look around in the crypto world, it is the longest Metaverse enterprise at present.

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What is the Sandbox?


Sandbox dates back to 2012 when a team of highly-skilled professionals brought this dream into a reality. It is a gamer-friendly Metaverse platform. Sandbox Metaverse offers a lot more to its users than just purchasing property and creating houses. On this platform, you can also have fun by playing games and doing a variety of tasks. Furthermore, if you get successful in completing missions and tasks productively, you will also have a huge opportunity to earn rewards and prizes.


The blockchain technology used by Sandbox is extraordinary. This technology allows all the users and participants to play their part in its growth and development. To protect the ownership and legalize content developed in the Metaverse, Sandbox utilizes the non-fungible tokens (NFTs), players are also allowed to create and collect items based on the blockchain in Sandbox Metaverse. This Metaverse platform comes with the best quality visual editor, Voxedit. This visual editor is used for multiple purposes such as for unification with Game Maker. All these features and functionalities assist in making a wide range of graphical content.


The token of Sandbox is multi-purpose and used for purchasing, trading, playing, accumulating, and handling the sites. Its token is globally known as SAND.

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The Main Differences between Decentraland and Sandbox


To know the key differences between both cryptocurrencies, look at the below-given analysis.


Let’s Talk About Some History


Decentraland’s initiative was developed in the year 2015 by Esteban Ordano and Ariel Meilich. Esteban Ordano also did its Initial Coin Launch in the year 2017. To raise and fund the development of Decentraland, they collected around 86,200 Ethereum, worth $26 million at present. In the year 2020, February Decentraland was made available for the public community.


In 2012, on May 15th the first-ever mobile game of Sandbox was launched. After some time, the Sandbox brand was bought by Animoca Group in 2018. Sandbox was successful in collecting $2.02 million in cryptocurrency as well as in normal fiat currency cash to support its growth and development. In November of 2021, Softbank made a huge investment of $94 million in the Sandbox. But Sandbox is still not fully accessible to the public. On November 28 in 2021, the Sandbox Alpha type was made available for the general public.


Maturity Age


In the argument between the Sandbox and Decentraland, maturity plays a significant role. When it comes to maturity, Decentraland is the champion. This platform was the very first to emphasize the Metaverse and not to forget that Decentraland was the one to develop a three-dimensional virtual reality-based world using blockchain developers.



Decentraland offers its people the first functioning proof-of-concept. It was made available to the people. On the other hand, Sandbox has still not released public Alpha Editions.


The Power of Purchasing


The differences between Decentraland and Sandbox have all their eyes on virtual real estate. Both of the Metaverses include the option of purchasing all types of virtual land. But this is the main difference that makes them distinct from each other. The Sandbox and OpenSea markets on the other hand offer clients with more opportunities for purchasing virtual land. The users of Decentraland can only purchase through the marketplace of MANA.




The differences between both the Metaverses bring a composed analysis for both the platforms. You can observe how difficult it is to say which one is better than the other. If on one hand Sandbox is in its Alpha stage, on the other hand, Decentraland has already launched the working of proof-of-concept.

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