Why Optimizing Mobile SEO Most Important for eCommerce? 

 June 14, 2021

Are you the owner of an eCommerce store?

If yes, then you must be making efforts to optimize your online store for search engine, add relevant content, update high-quality images, etc.

You do everything that takes to enhance the visual appeal, search traffic, and optimization of your eCommerce website.

But most of you do it for your desktop website. And, what left behind is the mobile website which has become most important than ever.

Check out the Mobile Commerce Trends

Smartphones are dominating every single sphere of our life. Whether it is for entertainment, social connections to product buying, mobile phone are the easily accessible device for users.

In terms of eCommerce, smartphones are here to stay that account for 54% of all the online sales by the end of 2021. So, for your online shopping business, improving mobile visibility through profitable eCommerce SEO services is the solution to boost sales.

You can count on the widespread reach of mCommerce across a targeted set of customers to increase conversion rate and enhanced sales patterns.

So, now is the time to optimize mobile SEO for the success of your eCommerce business.

But before that, first, check out whether your eCommerce website is mobile friendly or not.

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Is your Website Smartphone Friendly?

The answer could be “Yes” or “No”. But we are considering it as No because your eCommerce website might be different from the small device version. You can consider the following points to check the mobile-friendly of your online shopping platform:

  • Visibility of the text
  • Video and image loading speed
  • Clickability
  • Page loading speed
  • UI/UX
  • Text visibility

Optimize your eCommerce Store SEO for Mobile

You got an idea of the relative importance of optimizing the SEO of mobile for the success of your eCommerce website. Concerning this, we suggest here a few tips that will be useful for you to make necessary altercations.

London SEO consultant Paul Hoda from UK also states that in SEO consultancy for mobile devices is the best to increase rankings.

  1. Ensure Fast Loading Time

A slow-loading page on your eCommerce website has an adverse effect on the enterprise. Customers feel annoyed if a page loads on the mobile site taking more than 3 seconds of time.

The site’s load is an integral part of the mobile experience. Thus, it is necessary for you to improve the site’s loading time on mobile. The best way to analyze the current speed is by accessing the Google PageSpeed Insights. This will provide you with the exact information in how many seconds your product and other eCommerce platform pages load on a mobile site. It also suggests ways to improve the same.

  1. Add Intuitive Checkout Process

Your ultimate goal is to move your customers to the sales funnel, buy products from your website, and enhance sales. One of the ways is to optimize the checkout process that should not cover manifold steps like on the desktop.

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From the mobile point of view, try to make the checkout process as short as possible by adopting the following few ways:

  • Social media or email login sign-in/sign-up for customers to check out faster.
  • Direct checkout for new users without logging in.
  • Limited and relevant content on the page.
  • Clear CTAs to find out deals, discount coupons, and product offers.
  1. Use Pop-Ups Carefully

Using pop-ups on an eCommerce website is a common phenomenon of drawing the immediate attention of customers. Surprisingly appearance of pop-ups allows users to download the content, subscribe to the brand, receive emails, go to a specific offer page, or anything.

However, too many pop-ups on small mobile devices screen can be problematic at times. Not only will these cover up almost full page of the mobile website screen. But also annoys the customers to leave your site.

So, bring careful considerations while using pop-ups on mobile commerce site.

  • Use a limited number on selected pages including the landing page.
  • “X” at the top right-hand or left-hand side of the pop-up windows enables customers to close it.
  • Maintain the size and content ratio of the pop-up window.
  1. Optimize Mobile Commerce for Local SEO

It is true to say fact that mobile users commonly use favorable terms like, “shops near me”, “open now”, “where can I buy”, and something like that.

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Users do it to find nearby shops, products, eCommerce sites, etc., on their mobiles. It is called local SEO that has the capacity to increase sales 3 times the search-based ones.

Thus, it is imperative to include local SEO keywords of your eCommerce website on mobile to appear more in nearby search results. And, ultimately increase sales.


Mobile SEO is an important factor to consider while thinking about eCommerce business growth. Tech-savvy lovers get more hold of smartphones to make regular purchases with each and comfort. Therefore, it is important to hire a reliable eCommerce SEO Agency and ask for a strategic and robust mobile SEO plan. It will help your retail enterprise to reach more customers and boost sales patterns.

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