Are bloggers born or made ? Who is a blogger and what does he do ? 

 June 14, 2020

With the advent of new technologies, the web has become a reference point for those who aim to make themselves known and receive approval from users. If you are looking for these kinds of answers it means that you too are part of this group of potential influencers and bloggers, who in many cases are the same figure.

In the multitude of professionals on the network, it is not easy to understand precisely what they deal with without distinction. For this reason, one of the most frequently asked questions is whether a blogger is born or made, and the answer is: neither case.

What a blogger does

That of the blogger is a real profession, not a pastime as is often believed. Of course, it must be carried out with perseverance and professionalism, not in an amateur way. To do this, it is essential to have an aptitude for writing and communicating with others because without these two prerogatives, results will hardly be achieved.

Also in this case it is useful to know some rules to apply to avoid wasting time and operating unnecessarily. These are clearly rules to follow every post published.


Perseverance is a trait that the blogger cannot do without. The world of the web is full of stimuli and nuances in which it is not difficult to get lost by mingling with other realities.

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To achieve results, perseverance is essential but alone is not enough. It must be accompanied by a good dose of luck that never inconveniences!

That of blogging is an activity that in recent years has also depopulated in Italy, where more and more users have thrown themselves into the network experience, considering

it a valid alternative to traditional office work (when it is missing but also when there is) . In short, the permanent job is tempting to everyone, but if the company does not allow it, everyone rolls up their sleeves looking for alternative solutions. That of blogging is exactly one of them.

How a blogger creates content

To avoid misunderstandings it is important to remember that being a blogger is not a profession that everyone can do because it requires attention, perseverance but also a lot of competence, since the creation of content requires many techniques that go beyond those related to Italian grammar and employment. Of keywords.



There is talk of creating content from an SEO perspective , of knowing how to publish at the right times depending on the social network you are using, of being able to use a language and a style that is understandable to everyone, even to non-experts.

In short, to have skills also in the fields of analytics and advertising which together with copywriting and SEO represent the pillars to create a successful blogging activity.

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What are the skills of a blogger

Probably the definition of blogger in the collective imagination is linked to what in reality is not his real task. Often the figure who does it in a professional way who earns with what he writes is confused with the one who does it in an amateur way, who therefore creates contents related to his passions and not to topics of general interest.

For these reasons it is not possible to give a definitive answer to the question of whether a blogger is born or becomes one because it is a figure characterized by different sides and in continuous evolution.

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