Call to Action Appearance, Functionality and How it is Designed 

 January 12, 2020

As we scroll through the web pages in search of information, data or products, our eye comes across the characteristic and often colorful clickable buttons, made and designed to catch the eyes of users. We are talking about ‘call to action’, often referred to by the acronym CTA, whose literal translation is ‘call to action’.

What are they for? Clicking the mouse is equivalent to communicating the desire to perform a certain action, to continue along a navigation path as well as to make a purchase and so on.

The importance of synthesis and brevity of messages in calls to action

What are the tricks for making effective CTAs? First of all we need to focus on the extreme synthesis and brevity of the message: we know well that people have little time online and do not want to get lost in the more or less veiled interpretation of messages. It is necessary to strike the reader and lead him in a short time to make a certain choice.


Some advice that is always valid:

  • words must be few and short ;
  • the concepts expressed must be easily understood by one’s target,
  • better to avoid technical terminology ;
  • The message must be clear, the user is not required to interpret it.
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The role of the call to action can be really crucial in the context of the web. Not only do they aim to entice visitors to go to certain pages and areas of a site – for example, to pages that contain purchase offers – but it becomes possible and easier to do lead generation, thus creating contacts in specific landing pages.

The positioning of the call to action? It is always better to insert it ‘above the fold’

As for the choice of positioning a call to action , it is first of all necessary to make a local mind on the fact that the greatest time spent online by the public user is registered in the so-called ‘above the fold’ area . It is therefore here, in the most viewed and highest part of the portal, that it is correct to insert the button. This advice is especially valid when the intention is to be able to transform anonymous users into interested customers who then buy.

The graphic aspect and the choice of words: a mini-guide

At the end of this study it will be necessary to focus on the graphic aspect of the call to action and on the importance of choosing the right words. We are talking about a button containing a command of the type directed to the public , so the advice is to choose an imperative verb that leaves no doubt (this is one of the rare cases in which it is correct to give users a real command) .

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No beating around the bush: the call to action is clear and quickly directs you to a new part of the site. It is obvious that the command alone is not enough, it is also necessary to take care of the graphic aspect of the call to action. It will therefore be necessary to use a color that invites you to click, studied in relation to the specific condition and the particular command (orange, for example, stimulates shopping). It is always good to prepare animations when you move the mouse over the button, moreover you must always give breath and provide a space between the call to action and the rest of the elements. It is always better to prefer rounded and less aggressive buttons.

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