4 Reasons You Should Eat Yogurt Every Day 

 November 20, 2021

Most people love yogurt because of its creamy, delicious taste. However, the reality is that there is much more to yogurt than its taste.

Your tub of delicious yogurt delivers much more than a sweet treat. If you occasionally enjoy your yogurt, there are a lot of good reasons to increase your intake. If you do not, this is a great time to start.

Here are four reasons why you should eat yogurt every day.

1. Convenience

Yogurt is a convenient treat to have, and you can pack it in with your lunch or have it at home. If you are constantly on the move, try drinkable yogurt, as it allows you to drink on the go.

This aside, there are numerous ways to have your yogurt; you can have it in your smoothies, on its own, pour it over cereal, eat it with fruit, and so on. In addition, having some yogurt in your pantry offers numerous convenient snacking options.

2. Great For Bone Health

A bowl of good yogurt has about 300 grams of calcium. Bone health deteriorates as people age, and so it becomes increasingly important to ensure the body has sufficient calcium reserves.

Being rich in calcium, yogurt helps strengthen bones and maintain bone density as well.

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3. Gut Health

Good quality yogurt has probiotics in it. Probiotics are live microorganisms and are linked to numerous health benefits.

Probiotics balance healthy bacteria in your gut. An imbalance in good and bad bacteria can lead to a host of illnesses and diseases, including allergies, obesity, and digestive issues.

It has been proven that eating yogurt regularly can help you avoid a helicobacter pylori infection. This is responsible for the bulk of peptic ulcer and stomach cancer cases.

4. It’s Yummy and Healthy

This combination is not always easy to find. However, yogurt gives you the best of both worlds. In this case, you get a yummy snack that is good for your health.

Not just that, but you have unlimited options on how to enjoy your yogurt. You can add your favorite flavor in your smoothies, enjoy it with raisins and nuts, add it to a bowl of fruit, eat it with cereal or eat it on its own.

Whichever option you go for, you will tickle your taste buds and get a health kick out of it.

As you can see, that delicious bowl of yogurt has numerous benefits. However, always try to purchase good quality yogurt. This has live cultures and low sugar content.

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