Where Can I Bet on Football in Singapore? 

 September 19, 2022

Because football is so widely followed in Singapore, millions of people regularly visit sports betting sites, especially football betting sites, which have seen tremendous growth in popularity over the past decade.

The only catch is that outside of the football and horse racing betting facilities provided by the state-run Singapore Pools, online sports betting in Singapore is banned. The good news is that if you take advantage of the many online betting sites tailored just to Singapore bettors, you’ll only be taking a tiny risk.

Here’s a quick rundown of the top football betting sites accessible from Singapore, including information on welcome bonuses, ongoing promotions, features, markets, banking options, and more.

How do I find the best football betting site?

Given that you will be providing sensitive information like your credit card number and bank account data, site security is a top priority while looking for the best live sportsbook Singapore sites for football. Customers are more likely to stick with businesses that take their security seriously and only work with verified, authorised personnel.

A good Singapore football betting site, in addition to providing a large pool of betting markets and not being limited to a small number of leagues and events, also covers and offers bets of different competitive odds and significant rewards in the form of promotions and bonuses.

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You should be able to use the banking methods that are easiest for you to access. Finally, given the high stakes and high stakes potential of football betting, conveniences like smartphone compatibility and other cool extras are always welcome.

What are the best sites to bet on football?

The proliferation of betting websites is a direct result of the expanding popularity of online gambling. But there are some well-known online bookies who have been around for a while and provide betting on a wide range of online sports, live events, tournaments, and more.

Currently, the following live sportsbook Singapore sites are among the most trustworthy football betting options in the region:


When it comes to offering valuable football betting promotions and discounts, Solarbet has always been at the forefront. It is not just well-known in Singapore, but across the rest of Asia as one of the best online bookmakers that there is.

You can get a 200% bonus on your first deposit, up to a maximum of $5,000 (SGD), which is perfect if you want to try your hand at football betting. Bettors, both new and seasoned, can take advantage of a wide variety of sports-themed incentives via their live sportsbook Singapore website or mobile app.

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At first sight, it’s not hard to understand why BK8 has become one of the largest live sportsbook Singapore companies in Singapore. Their design is among the most striking you’ll find.

You’ll be blown away by the variety of deposit bonuses, cashback, rebates, and other VIP perks available to both new and existing customers. Punters may take advantage of a plethora of football betting alternatives thanks to their mobile support.


To be acknowledged as one of the most popular online betting sites in Asia is a significant accomplishment. Football betting has never been more exciting than it is at 1xBet, thanks to the unique Football Bet Builder function.

New and existing Singaporean players alike can choose from a variety of promotions, including a 100% bonus on their first deposit. This live sportsbook Singapore football website, like Solarbet, provides live streaming of all of the best games.

Bet on football today!

The Singaporean market is no exception to the fact that football dominates everywhere else. Punters in Singapore increasingly appreciate the variety of promotions available at the city’s bookmakers. They can enjoy themselves to the fullest, express their allegiance to their favourite teams, and even make money in the process.

If you’re feeling extra lucky today, why not bet on a live sportsbook Singapore site today? If you’re still having a tough time picking among what we’ve discussed, you can never go wrong with picking Solarbet!

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