14 hacks to win faster in online casino 

 June 20, 2022

It is no secret that people like to play casino games like Judi online and rtp slot. In fact, gambling is the most popular form of entertainment in North America and is forecasted to generate 57 billion dollars in revenue this year.


We have compiled 8 hacks and tips that will help you win faster in online casinos, be it blackjack or roulette. Use these tactics with caution and don’t forget to have fun!


1) Utilise the “Insider Trading” Strategy: While not advisable for people who are inexperienced or playing for small stakes, this strategy involves buying up a lot of shares of a company’s stock before its price surges and then selling them off quickly at the higher price. This strategy is effective because it minimises the risk associated with investing. The trick is to buy shares before their price “catches on fire”, because, according to the theory of “options,” if the price of a stock is below a certain threshold at a certain time, then you can buy shares and own them at that particular price. For example, if a company’s stock is selling for $10 per share and is about to hit $12 when you place your order, your order will be filled automatically assuming your limit size is five times the current price.

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2) Play with the “2 for 1” rule: This strategy requires the player to play the same bet on consecutive spins. For example, if you are playing roulette, you can bet $1 on a “wheel” and then wager $2 on that same “wheel”. In this scenario, even if the wheel has come up red three times in a row, you still have an opportunity to win with your $1 bet on the next spin.


3) Play Odds: This is a very simple and common strategy that will help you hit more often than not. All you need to do is mimic an unlikely event. For example, if you are playing blackjack and have a 20 card hand and the dealer has a face card, you can use this betting strategy: bet $1 on red (1/2 chance of winning) and then wager $2 on blue (1/4 chance of winning). If the dealer turns up a face card, your bet will pay off.


4) Play “The Switch”: The switch is a very simple strategy that involves players switching their bets from one colour to another before each round of betting starts. So if you land on red in one round and green in the next round, you can switch your wager to red to double your chances of winning.

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5) “Wild Card” on the blackjack card: You can receive a greater payout for certain hands than others. For example, if you have a 3-2-3 suit in blackjack, you can win 8 times the original bet per round (8 times the original bet divided by the total number of decks). The only limitation is that you must have a blackjack instead of an ace.


6) Play your “cesspool”. Aces can be dealt face up or face down in euchre. Aces rank high as they are used to form a four card straight; this is helpful because it means that aces have more “possible outcomes” than any other card. This means that there is a possibility of winning with aces as opposed to only losing.


7) The “lucky number” strategy: Everyone remembers the lucky “number seven”. In this scenario, a player can wager twice on black and twice on red, and if he hits a pair of sevens on consecutive spins, then he will win both times.


8) Place your bet on the “Downtown”: Smart gamblers know that they can beat the game by using this strategy to place their bets low in one area and high in another. For example, if you are playing video poker, you can place $1 in a high hand area and $5 in a low hand area.

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9) The “Circle the Wagons”: This strategy involves the player betting a certain amount on the black and red lines to be sure that he wins. For example, in blackjack, this refers to wagering $1 on black and $3 on red. If you land on a face card and get another face card, then you win both times.


10) The “Double Down”: Double down is when a player first doubles down and wins both times, then beats again. When using this strategy it is advantageous because it provides more opportunities for players to win than other strategies although there are situations where the player can end up losing more money than if he had not used the strategy at all.


11) “The Good Samaritan” strategy: This is a small amount of money that is doubled down on a specific spot on the table. When you win this small amount, you stand to win $1,000 or more in prizes!


12) The “Dozen”: This refers to wagering on a number card of 12. When using this strategy, your odds of winning increases since the payout gets better when you lose as opposed to winning. For example, if you place $2 on a blackjack hand and have the dealer turn up any card other than an ace, then you will lose both times.

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13) The “Lucky 13” Strategy: 13 is a lucky number because the number 13 is considered lucky for two reasons. Firstly, thirteen was the age of Jesus when he was crucified. Secondly, there are thirteen candles on a Jewish menorah and thirteen stations of the cross in Roman Catholic tradition. Therefore, betting on a blackjack hand of twelve with one card remaining will improve your chances of winning.


14) The Lucky Number 29 Strategy: In this scenario, you would bet $28 instead of all $29 which would be ‘lucky’ as it leaves $1 that can be bet on another hand. The reasoning behind this strategy is that it gives you more opportunities to win as opposed to losing.



In conclusion, there are multiple strategies that can be used to beat the game of Roulette. However, more often than not, players who use these strategies win more frequently than players who do not. This is because they have a better understanding of the game and possess a “heads up” over other players.

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