What is Water Donation in the Better way to do charity? 

 August 21, 2021

Water charity that helps to supply clean drinkable water for underprivileged families in third-world countries.


Sponsors 1 litre/day per person to over 3 million people in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Water charity works with local partners to install 100% sustainable systems without the help of foreign aid. This means each family has access to safe drinking water all year long. The solutions are simple and cheap: rainwater harvesting, roof catchment systems, or community wells. 

In addition, water for Life now works on the principle of self-sustainability. As drinking from a spring runs out. It will be provided by its funds through other means such as selling crafts, making jewellery, soap. Carrying out various projects. Water also uses sponsorships to fund our work. But 100% of all monies donated go directly to the field and is never used for running costs or salaries.


We sponsor 1 litre of fresh, clean drinking water per person each day, £1 a day. So, we supply 10 litres of fresh drinkable clean drinking water each day, £10 a month (no joining fee). We supply 100 litres of fresh potable clean drinking water each day up to 3 years, £100 a month (no joining fee). Money received from your donation will go directly towards completing projects changing community’s one family at a time. Our water donation can also present a specific amount each month, for example, £5 per month to donate water


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A spring supplies ten people with 10 litres of pure drinkable fresh, beautiful freshwater per da. So if an average cost for each community is 800USD. Then 80USD is used on supplying everyone with clean potable water.


Members of donating water are all ordinary people. Who want to make a tangible difference by making clean drinking water available where it has been hard to find.


This saves time and money. Which can then be used to help even more people get access to safe drinkable water. In addition, rainwater harvesting collects rainwater from roofs before entering the rivers or drains. So, providing communities with a continuously fresh, clean drinking source.


We are currently maintains a waiting list of over 6 million people and aims to reach 10 million people by 2020. Some of the most vulnerable people relies on donations and corporate support from organisations such as Toshiba and Virgin Galactic. We have also received support from celebrities, including Nelly Furtado, who recorded a particular version for the charity. We have over 120 staff based in six offices worldwide: Toronto, London, Geneva, New York City, Melbourne and Sydney.


The four main ways donate water provides clean drinking water are:


1) Donate Water Online 

By choosing your preferred amount per person per day, you can donate directly to supply locals with fresh drinking water. 100% of your donation goes towards providing safe drinking water.


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2) Donate water flours

Water sells flour and donate one bag of donating one million loaves. Which allows families to bake bread on their own for three months. 100% all of the sales from each batch are channelled into providing clean drinking water.


3) Sponsor Water

1 litre per day per sponsored child directly to people who don’t have access to safe drinkable sources of freshwater. You can choose to support a boy, girl or both and designate them by age and sex. Once you’ve sponsored someone, they’ll receive daily updates from the field with photos and stories about their progress. When choosing to be a “sponsor a child”. We considers that a girl has the right to education and should be able to go to school. Play with friends and live an independent life.


4) Donate Water at Work 

Donate now offers companies an opportunity to donate clean, fresh drinking water. As well as giving employees access to training for their workplace problems. You can donate 1 litre of safe drinking water for every pound pledged towards providing access to clean drinking water. As a result, 100% of the donations channelled in the UK are directed back into delivering safe drinking water in third-world countries. For Water Donation and more information on how your company can get involved, visit https://www.sktwelfare.org/ 

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Donations have great impact at society. Because large number of people have nothing to leave. They have live very badly as they have nothing to eat and drink. Dirty water to use for drinking is the main cause of problems.

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