How to get more Instagram reach organically ? 

 August 21, 2021

Many people are asking how to get more likes on Instagram. This is important because the number of followers can make you feel how popular your account is and influence how much you buy Instagram followers. However, while it’s true that getting a lot of new followers will attract even more traffic, they won’t necessarily interact with your content.

What matters for brands is how large their audience react when they post something on Instagram. The best way to measure this reach is by how many people see each post on average. Suppose we want to be effective and increase our reach through Instagram Posts. In that case, we need to understand why some images or videos get more than others views and manage that effect without additional marketing expenses like buy Instagram followers.

What increases an Instagram post reach?

A few months ago, I analysed how pictures in my account were spre how they gained likes. My goal was to find out how popular each of my posts is, and it’s just a simple marketing task; you have to answer the question, “Is there any pattern showing how many people see each of your posts?” The heuristic used for analysis: how many times all followers view a picture added together. A detailed article about this heuristic will be published soon on our blog. But before we get into the details, let me present some common myths about social media that we hear every day.

An account with active followers gets more traffic/views.

I believed in this myth a few years ago, but it is not necessarily true. The daily view of your account is a sum of how many times each post from your profile is viewed by all users. Who have seen it at least once. So if you have 1000 followers and post on Instagram every day, how many views you will get depends only on how widespread are the photos themselves, how interesting they are to the public and how active you are as a user. A the last one can be easily measured by how often you visit other accounts (you should follow people who like similar content). So don’t worry if an account has thousands of followers and does not post much – this doesn’t mean how it gets more views.

How frequent you post is important for how many followers you will get/views on your Instagram account.

The number of posts from a profile doesn’t make too much sense by itself. As each position has its life cycle and how long this cycle lasts depends only on how exciting content you can publish about yourself: update photos about activities or just something that happened in your life. This is what makes an account popular. How popular these posts are among people interested in similar content – the core audience. You don’t need to have thousands of followers to be active on Instagram; a few hundred would be already enough when posted regularly and having engaging content. That keeps users coming back to see updates on your profile page.

How we engage the audience matters for how many followers we get and how much they interact with our content.

When you read how to advertise on Instagram or get more likes on Instagram posts, people usually mean something else: how to motivate users who see your pictures/videos to like them or how to do it automatically without using any “dark methods”. Here lie great opportunities for advertisers, but what if you don’t want to spend money? What can regular users do?

A few fast conclusions from the analysis:

the number of views a picture gets depends on the popularity of the photo itself. It meaning how interesting it is to viewers based on their interests matching your profile subject; good images tend to be liked by more people as well. Proportionality law of how many people like a picture vs how many views it gets). A single post can get thousands of ideas and still have only hundreds of likes. This is what defines how attractive this story is. How people perceive the quality of the content you publish among your followers;

The number of views depends mostly on how popular the photo/video is in its audience (how “catchy” it is). The more active users are in your niche. How much they interact with similar content. The more traffic you will get from your posts. But how do we increase an Instagram reach? 

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