Top Social Media Tools To Boost Your Performance 

 June 24, 2022

The responsibility of the marketers is difficult to assess. They have so many things to do at once. For instance, advertising, media marketing, customer experience et cetera.


Luckily there are social media tools available for use with modern developments to help us boost our performance. In no time, these social media tools can create a big difference in managing and scheduling your task to help you perform well.


Dive into this article to get adequate information about your social media marketing tools. Keep in mind that without these social media tools, your marketing performance will sink.

Top Social Media Tools To Extend Your Performance

Here we will deliver the best social media tools that can boost your performance in a blink. If you are a marketer, you should use these technological advantages to allow yourself to stand within the crowd.


If you like to download any of these social media tools, you can download them for free fromĀ the pirate bay.

1. Google Trends

This is a very popular and free social media tool to search for currently trending topics. Marketing is mostly related to trends. If you do not know the trends, you cannot attract your consumers.


This tool helps to keep you updated with discovering information that is most popular right now. In addition, Google trends offer to monitor popular keywords, and that will help you to create your marketing strategy.

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2. BuzzSumo

This tool helps you to find out the most shared content on social media. Based on your particular topic, you can search for popular content.


With the help of Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook, BuzzSumo will bring you the best content results.


As you will get an understanding of the social media content related to your topic or domain, you can simply create your best content out of them.

3. Buffer Publish

With Buffer Publish, as a marketer, you can get an overall performance result on social media posts. This is a very helpful social media tool to make the task easy for your marketing team.


In addition, Buffer Publish helps you with your scheduling process. For instance, you can set up schedules for your social media content that needs to be published on your different social media profiles, and it will be published accordingly.

4. Unsplash

This is a tool of creativity and design. If you are concerned with the getup of your contents, Unsplash will help you with that.


Being a social media tool, Unsplash ensures that there is no splash left in your professional content. Here you will find polished works of the creators to change the outlook of your content.

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5. Canva

It will be a profitable social media strategy for you to use Canva as a social media tool. If you do not have the time and money to hire a professional designer, use Canva and mold your content as you wish.

6. Feedly

It is a one-destination tool for you to save your time and reason. If you follow some influencers and other websites and want to follow their contents in one place, Feedly is your place.

7. Native Analytics

With analytics, you can get to know all the activities on your social media profiles. With Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter analytics, you can see who is interacting with your ports and where they are from.

8. Todoist

This is a social media calendar tool that confirms your activity on social media. With this tool, you can help to manage your continuous posts.

9. Animoto

This is an impressive social media tool for creating short and effective videos for your social media marketing content. You can have the option to create engaging videos for the public.

To Conclude

To bid farewell, social media tools are effective enough to enhance your performance in the middle of a competitive market. Top tools with their best usage can also develop the interests of your consumers.

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The above-mentioned tools are effective enough to add consistency to your marketing approaches.

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