The Ultimate Guide to Caring for a Munchkin Cat 

 September 24, 2021

When you see a cat that looks like it doesn’t have legs, it’s likely going to be a munchkin. It is a short breed with stubby legs. But you should not underestimate it because it can run and move faster than some cats. However, it may not be able to reach high places because of its deformity. Therefore, the breed should remain indoors to prevent predators from attacking it.

A munchkin is highly social and likes attention. It requires regular brushing to keep the furs tangle-free. Additionally, there are Munchkin health problems that you should be aware of before getting the breed. But basically, you can keep it healthy by supplying fresh water, keeping the litter box clean, and feeding it with a balanced diet.

How to Keep Your Munchkin Healthy

The following tips will help you keep your pet healthy:

Healthy Dieting

Like all cats, munchkins require healthy foods. They don’t need any special diet but ensure that you feed them with diets that are meant for cats. Additionally, they don’t need human foods like tuna and chicken because a cat’s diet must contain taurine, a vitamin that is necessary for their growth.

If you have a kitten, you should get kitten chow to promote good health and growth. You can also give your pet munchkin treats, but they shouldn’t make up above 5 percent to 10 percent of the cat’s diet. Due to the breed’s height, it may be difficult for it to reach high places, so ensure you keep its meal where it can easily access it.

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Daily Supply of Fresh Water

Your pet needs access to drinking water every day. You also need to watch out for when the bowl is empty so you can quickly supply fresh water.

Comfortable Bedding

When you bring your pet home, you need to make it more comfortable by providing a bed. Your apartment should also have warm spots where your cat can easily curl up. You can get a cat bed from pet stores, then place warm blankets on it. You can also upcycle your old shoebox into a bed for your pet.

Regularly Clean the Litter Box

For your pet to stay healthy, its litter box must be clean. You need to empty the box once every week and wash it with detergent. When it is dry, you can add another litter layer.

When washing the box, use a mild detergent. Cleaners with lemon scents or deodorants may bother the cat. It may even avoid the box if it perceives any harsh smell. You can watch this video to see how to clean your pet’s litter box.

Schedule Vet Visits

Munchkins require regular checkups. You need to take them to see a veterinary doctor once each year or when you notice any strange behavior. Also, try not to skip vaccinations.

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Munchkins are quite healthy, but they may develop genetic abnormalities in the chest and spine. Your vet can detect the abnormalities and come up with a treatment schedule. Remember that kittens require more frequent checkups than older cats.

Brush the Coat

Munchkins require regular brushing. The shorthaired breed requires brushing once each week while the longhaired breed requires brushing at least two times each week. The brushing process may seem tedious because you need to do it frequently, but you can consider it a time to bond with your pet.

It is important to ensure that your pet is relaxed and happy before brushing its coat. For shorthaired breeds, start working from their heads to their tails. Also, work along their coat’s natural line and brush other areas such as the abdomen and chest.

For longhaired breeds, comb their abdomens and legs against their coat’s natural line. Part down their backs, then comb both sides separately. Do not forget to reward your pet with treats or positive words if it behaved well during the brushing process.

Regular Nail Trimming

Cats require nail trimming, and this applies to a munchkin. When its nails become long, it may leave scratches on your furniture and other items. It may even get injured when the nails get stuck on an item.

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To trim your pet’s nails, take its paws gently and push down the pad to stretch out the nails. Ensure you clip only the nail tips, that is, the white portion of its claw. If you cut the pink portion, it will bleed. You can reward your pet after this exercise.

Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

You need to brush your munchkin’s teeth regularly. Your vet will recommend suitable toothpaste for the breed. If your pet is not comfortable with brushing its teeth, try to massage the gums first. Afterward, place some toothpaste on its lips to familiarize it with the taste. The toothbrush for cats is usually small so you can gently use it to get rid of tartar as well as other bacteria.

Keep Your Pet Indoors

Generally, cats are best kept indoors, and they tend to stay healthier indoors. Munchkins do not fare well outdoors, so it is better to keep them inside the house. They have short stature and predators can easily attack them.

If your pet wants to play outdoors, it must do so in a safe and supervised environment. You can also get a harness for periods when you want to walk short distances. You can check out https://www.marthastewart.com/1540651/how-protect-your-outdoor-cat to get tips for protecting your cat outdoors.

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Munchkins can stay healthy if you keep to the care tips we discussed in this article. Ensure you feed them a proper diet, clean their litter boxes with the appropriate cleaners, and so on. Do not forget that this breed may have some genetic deformities, so ensure you visit a vet regularly.


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