A Guide to PDFBear: How to Unlock PDF Conveniently 

 August 27, 2021

The Portable Document Format has been a consistent and reliable tool for file creation and management. Whether working in an office or at home, studying, or running a small business, pdf is the most used file type. Since pdf is widely used, file owners often protect pdfs with a password.

However, the trouble occurs when one finds it tiring entering passwords. If you are the owner or receiver of the file, it can be annoying to enter the password repeatedly. The only way to avoid such problems and access your file easier is by removing the password.

How can you do it? The answer is PDFBear. Unlock your file using it, and you will save yourself from all the troubles.

Introducing PDFBear

What is PDFBear? How can it help you with your files?

PDFBear is a free online software for efficiently managing your files or documents. It offers several tools you can use such as unlock pdf, convert pdf, and protect excel to pdf, among many other tools.

This one is a versatile and easy-to-use online utility. It offers straightforward instructions to unlock your pdf. This is true of all the tools included on the website.

How to Unlock PDF Using This Web-Based Tool

Visit PDFBear’s web page by typing it on your browser. There are only four steps to unlock a pdf using this tool.

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Step #1 Select the file you need to unlock. Choose files from your device or drag and drop them to the designated box.

Step# 2 Then, wait until the uploading finishes. It will not take long, and it would be ready to be unlocked.

Step # 3 Once it is uploaded, you may now enter the password. After typing in the password, click the “Unlock PDF” icon. PDFBear will finish this step shortly.

Step # 4 When PDFBear finishes the decryption, you can download your newly unlocked pdf file. Finally, you can view and edit your pdf file without having to enter a password every time you need to access it.

See how easy and quick it is!

Important Things You Need to Learn About PDFBear

1.PDFBear values confidentiality and security. In line with this, the website utilizes a sophisticated security system. It ensures that your files and device are protected from viruses and malicious malware. Moreover, all the information or data uploaded is only accessible to PDFBear. You do not need to worry about confidentiality. The system automatically deletes all files uploaded to it after an hour.

  1. This online utility provides you with a swift process. Whatever tool you will access, it will take not more than 2 minutes to finish a cycle. However, you should note that the speed relies significantly on your internet connection.
  2. PDBear is compatible with all devices as well as various operating systems. This feature means that you will not have any trouble with it concerning your device or operating system. You can also access PDFBear using your mobile devices. Moreover, you can access PDFBear using any browser.
  3. This tool uses superior cloud technology. Everything is done online. This one means that any installation is not required. However, a secured and an interrupted internet connection is needed.
  4. It is compatible with the majority of pdf files. Nonetheless, you may not be able to may not unlock some files. Such circumstances can be attributed to several reasons. One is the password’s validity. If you enter the wrong password, you may not be able to remove the code.
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Access and Use These Other Tools from PDFBear

1.Merge PDF

If you want to organize your pdfs but cannot delete them because they include essential details or data, use this PDFBear tool. Merge pdf enables you to combine or compile separate documents. Like other tools from PDFBear, you can process your files in just a few clicks.

2.PDF Editor

The PDF Editor tool allows you to make changes to your document quickly. You can delete some parts or add texts and photos. You may also highlight some of your document’s content. Moreover, PDFBear can assure you high-quality results when you use this editor.


3. Add Watermark Tool

Protect the content of your file by adding a watermark, either an image or text. PDFBear can help you secure your intellectual property by adding a watermark. Decide where you want to add your watermark. In addition, PDFBear provides you ways to add your preferred watermark.

4.Split PDF Tool

If you can combine files, you may also separate them. The Split PDF enables users to divide or split pages in minutes. Again, PDFBear ensures a safe method while processing your documents.

In A Nutshell,

Creating a password for pdf files or any file is the best method for securing them from unauthorized access, duplication, and alteration. Nonetheless, if you are the receiver of a password-protected file, it will be a hassle if you do not have the right tool to unlock it. This is when PDFBear comes in handy. In addition, it also provides you with other valuable tools.

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