Simple Things To Take Your Pleasure A Notch Higher 

 January 24, 2022

Every individual has their own ways to nourish their relationship with their partner inside and outside the bedroom. When you both evolve together, support each other, work on the weaknesses of each other and reinforce the strengths as a team, your relationship tends to improve. Especially your sex life. You may be great in your sexual performance. Your partner may be exceptional in pleasing you. But you cannot deny that everyone gets stuck in the rut of mundane sex life at some point in their lives.


If you want your relationship to run healthy and hearty forever, it is important to maintain an emotional connection with your partner while having sex. So, here we have come up with the things to double the pleasure for your two and ultimately turn up the heat between the sheets.


Bring in the newness – When you are into a long-term relationship, it is quite possible that sex becomes monotonous with time. You follow the same old routine of having intercourse and miss the “newness.” To make it a more happening experience, break the monotony of your “sex routine’. If you are a ‘”night sex” person, try to experience a “morning sex.” Also, choose a different place and wear something desirable. Switch the routine once in a while and try to make it feel like you are doing it for the first time. It will bring newness to your relationship.

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Take the things slowly – How can you experience the best sex? Here is the key: Slow sex is one of the most effective ways to take your pleasure a notch higher. Most people are deprived of time in their routine life. But indulging yourself in a raunchy slow session once in a while can work wonders too. It will eventually lead to a great mood and an extended pleasure.


If you “schedule sex,” you can enjoy it in a better way. This might sound silly. But freeing yourself up from the responsibilities of getting up the next day and rushing to work can make you enjoy sex even more. Slow sex tends to last longer. It allows you to explore each other bodies slowly, and you can know your partner’s pleasure points better. It gives you to go ahead with other avenues of pleasure rather than penetration alone.


Fantastic Foreplay – Sex is not just about physical intimacy. You have to create a buildup to connect with your partner. What can you do? Tease your bae with naughty texts throughout the day, give them soft whispers in their ears when they are around, to name a few. Creating these moments makes sex feel extra special when it actually happens in the bedroom. When you get physically involved with your partners, your emotions also run on a high note. So building a connection is vital to take your “sex session” to a higher level.

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Besides, it is clear that you have to take things ahead slowly. So, ensure that you are giving enough time to foreplay. It spices up the things in your intimate relationship and makes it easy to reach orgasm for both partners.


Communicate – Openly communicating with your partner about everything is the key to a happy relationship. Communicate to them about your needs in bed and also ask them what they want.


What’s more? Talk naughty to each other while having sex as it helps in making the sexual experience more divine. It is also an excellent method to free yourself from inhibitions. Your partner has every right to know how close you feel to them while wrapping them up in your arms.


Introduce sex toys – People had gone gaga after the release of 50 Shades of Grey. You don’t have to try everything that Christian grey does in this movie. But what about using some props like them? Using sex toys is an incredible turn-on to any relationship. The toys like diy cock ring, vibrators are not just the means to enhance your bedroom act but also your relationship.


So, how do sex toys take your relationship to a high level? Let’s find out!


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Multiple orgasms Many individuals find it difficult to reach orgasm. And when you include sex toys in your intimate life, both parties reduce the pressure off from each other. With sex toys, you can even experience multiple orgasms. Once you know your body well, you can tell your partner to put the sex toy in the same area so that you don’t need to fake orgasms. Levitate yourself in heaven and reach the big O with the help of sex toys.


Hotter sex – Using sex toys definitely leads to improvement in sex life. A little more intimacy is beneficial for every relationship. For instance – You can buy sex machines to bring excitement to your relationship. Hence, it is right to say that sex toys are a surefire ingredient for experiencing hotter sex.


Make your fantasies come true – Have you ever fantasized about playing the role of a police officer and handcuffing your partner to bed? If yes, welcome to the world of sex toys. You must have other fantasies like these. Role-playing and using love toys with your partner is one of the most alluring ways to take your fantasies into the real world. For instance, fetish fantasy bondage swing helps you take control of your partner’s body with their permission and enjoy all the passionate fun you have fantasized about until now.

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So, you don’t need to think about these sexual fantasies in your brain anymore. All you have to do is just get a bunch of sex toys and get ready for all the fun with your partner.


To sum it up!


When you decide to work on your sex life, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a satisfactory one. All it means is you are just willing to make your sex life better. It will lead to taking the pleasure of both of you to the next level. So get ready to have a hot sexual encounter with your partner and experience a joyful relationship.



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