Rare Jordans: Just As Unique As You! 

 December 9, 2021

What if you’re looking to add some Air Jordans to your shoe collection but don’t know where to begin? Because of its limited production and one-of-a-kind nature, Air Jordans enjoy widespread acclaim. In terms of foot support and comfort, you may find them appealing. Aside from being more costly than most other shoes, Air Jordans are made of high-quality materials. Athletes and celebrities are also known to wear rare Jordan sneakers.To get the most incredible bargain on Air Jordans, you need to look around. If you’re a newbie to the world of Jordans, it may be challenging to locate the perfect shoes. Here’s a comprehensive guide to assist you through the purchase process:


Nike Air Jordan Sneaker Prices

The most popular Jordans, the Air Jordan 1, cost between $90 and $170. For both men and women, the average price of an Air Jordan shoe is $145. The Jordan 11 Blackout Edition (21,780) and the signed Jordan 1 (25,000) are the most expensive Jordans.


As part of his Nike contract, Michael Jordan agreed to a five-year agreement for footwear. To complement Michael Jordan’s playing style and skill, they were advertised as a high-end product. As a result of their quick sales, Air Jordans paved the way for the mainstreaming of sportswear. Newer rare Jordan sneakers have been introduced with varying price points. Their popularity and limited availability influence the current price of the shoes. Keep an eye out for low-quality Air Jordans on the market.

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High Top or Low Cut

High, mid, and low-cut Air Jordans are all available for purchase. The low-cut silhouettes are more basic and light than any other Air Jordan shoe style to date. Shorter treks and trails are best suited for these shoes. To keep dirt and stones out of the mid-air Jordans, they have a higher collar. To keep your feet secure when you tighten the laces, these shoes include a metal lacing hook. In addition to being very versatile, these shoes may be worn with a wide variety of trousers and shorts. The laces of high-top shoes run over the ankle bones, providing a higher level of ankle support. While walking, jogging, or participating in other physical activities, they may provide support in the event of sprains. Depending on the level of ankle support you want, there are various Jordans to choose from.


Colours to Consider

Shoe enthusiasts may choose from a variety of colourways when it comes to their favourite Air Jordans. OG and New colourway are two of the most frequent colour schemes. The first colourway of a Nike Air Jordan shoe is known as the OG colourway. Regarding colour schemes, Jordan 1 is black and red, whereas Jordan 4 is white cement. For example,

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The Chicago Bulls (Michael Jordan’s club) were the inspiration for the colour design of the Jordan 1s. Colour inspiration for new releases has come from a variety of places. To entice new customers, the Jordan company often releases fresh hues of vintage Jordan shoes if you’re interested in seeing when specific colours of the next generation of Air Jordans will be available.


Jordans of the Past vs Present: A Comparison

From me through XVIII, Air Jordans have been re-released as Retro Jordans. Even though the designs are the same, the materials used to make them have evolved due to technological progress. A few popular Jordan throwback sneakers are the Nike Air 1, the Nike Air 10, and the Nike Air 7. Original Jordans, on the other hand, include just modest modifications. The Jordan brand often launches these versions to benefit from their widespread appeal. OG versions include the Air Jordan 1, the Air Jordan 3, and the Air Jordan 4.



Shop for an Air Jordan shoe based on your foot dimensions for comfort and support. Make sure you put them on and stand in them with socks on your feet if you purchase them from a retailer. Try them on to see whether they’ll be comfortable for you to wear. Sneakers that are correctly fitted should be snug around your heels without causing them to slide. If you’re going to be playing in them, you’ll want to make sure they have enough room for your toes.

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Before purchasing Jordans, measure your feet to ensure that the shoes fit correctly. The feet should be stretched out on the floor as you count them. Your heel to toe joints should be the same distance apart. For a comfortable fit, leave an allowance of 1/8 inch at the rear of your heel. An overly tight shoe might cause blisters or skin discomfort.


Are They Suitable for Your Style?

In terms of colour schemes and patterns, Jordan shoes are generally available in many different options. To seem fashionable, you should wear multicoloured Jordans with a matched ensemble. Please make sure the sneakers you’re considering buying go well with the clothing you’re planning to wear them with. Do not buy shoes in bright colours such as red or pink; stick to neutral tones such as grey, white, and black. All of your outfits will look great with these colour selections. Fashion accessories like a purse or a hat might also complement the shoes’ colour schemes. Depending on the colouring of your Air Jordans, you may wear them with watches, neckpieces, and bracelets.


Author Bio :- Karen Anthony

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