Newark Lead Contaminated Water Crisis 

 November 13, 2021

In the wake of a water crisis, it’s important to consider what comes next. In Newark mayor Baraka’s case, they have been quick on their feet and invested in replacing lead pipes with copper ones – successfully ending any future exposure risks for residents there.

With recent headlines highlighting Flint Michigan as an example where improvement wasn’t immediate enough following similar problems eight years ago while also noting how this can happen anywhere at any time due to our aging infrastructure, many people continue struggling long after crises end which means we must always be mindful about maintaining clean supplies too.

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What Happened? 

Lead may have been present for decades before 2016, but Newark was required to monitor their levels by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. Lead content in samples exceeded federal requirements following that year’s sampling and soon revealed itself as an issue at 10% or more homes across various neighborhoods within city limits.

It wasn’t until 2018 when testing showed just how bad things had gotten- becoming one major U.S.-based metropolis with high rates surpassing those set nationally on lead poisoning symptoms amongst its citizenry; this came about only after three years’ worth of data collection!

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Hazards of Lead in Water

Lead is not only a toxic element but one that poses significant risks to both human health and the environment. Industrial pollutants, agricultural byproducts like pesticides or fertilizers may all contribute towards lead pollution across America’s landfills each year.


How To Reduce Lead In Water

Lead is a silent killer that you cannot see, smell, or taste. This makes it even more difficult for the average person to identify its presence in drinking water without proper testing equipment – but don’t worry! With just about $10-$20 investment with these kits available at most retailers including your local home improvement store along with Amazon Prime Now delivery service where they will deliver exactly what’s ordered right into people’s doors step by step guide on how best use each product so check them out today before tomorrow becomes too late.

Lead is a dangerous metal and should not be ingested. You can reduce your family’s exposure by flushing pipes first thing in the morning, especially if you are worried about lead levels from tap water. Simply turn on the cold or hot water at its hottest point for 30 seconds before using it as a cooking/drinking vessel – this will help cleanse any dirt that may have built up overnight while cutting down drastically on bacteria growth within households.

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You may have heard that you should flush your pipes first thing in the morning, especially if you are concerned about lead levels. This is a great way to reduce exposure for children and families living at home as well! Flush everything – from taps all over your house, to toilets too full of sediment buildup caused by fast-paced household routines with little time spent on maintenance or even thinking what chemicals might be lurking inside those old pipes under our feet.

Doing this simple task as recommended by the Calgary orthodontist every day will help keep everyone safe from potential health issues stemming from drinking acidic tap water such as stomachaches due to discomfort when swallowing Milky Way bars just moments after brushing teeth for breakfast toast.

Thanks to advanced technology, we can efficiently remove lead from drinking water in a variety of ways. One type is through filtration with an RO machine that allows solvents like chlorine or alcohols to pass through membranes while blocking Lead Oxide molecules without using any chemicals at all! This process won’t harm you since it happens inside your house- so no need for pesky fluoride chemistry classes on top of everything else…

A Reverse Osmosis system does more than just stop people outside from tasting bad stuff – because who wants their lips stained brown anyway? It also reduces unwanted minerals build-up which means clear brews galore (not forgetting about taste).

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