iOS App Development to Dominate the Mobile Consumer Market 

 May 27, 2022

Mobile applications are critical for businesses looking to expand their reach and increase revenue. You have two choices: develop your mobile app with your resources or hire a third-party company to do it for you. Depending on your target market, you have two choices: accelerate iOS app development or opt for Android app development.

You must select a platform for developing your mobile app. You have the option of developing your app for iOS or Android, and Android has defeated iOS on a global scale.

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What’s an iOS App Development?

iOS, Apple’s operating system, is used by all Apple products, including the iPhone and iPad. The creation of software for the iOS platform is known as iOS app development. The iOS platform supports various apps, including games, social media apps, messaging/chat, selfie/touchup, and many others.

To begin, you must choose a platform for developing a mobile app. The app can be developed for either iOS or Android. On a global scale, Android outperforms iOS. Consider that Apple dominates the market in North America and the United States.

Android vs. iOS Market Share for Mobile Apps

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Android and iOS control more than 99 percent of the global mobile market, demonstrating their dominance in the custom mobile app development market. What is the most popular? iOS developer or Android app development? You can quickly respond with “Android,” but it is not that simple.

According to recent statistics, Android will be the most popular mobile operating system worldwide by June 2021. In comparison, Android has a 73 percent market share.

iOS app users, on the other hand, generate more revenue than Android app users. They paid $72.3 billion for Apple App Store services such as subscriptions and in-app purchases. This represents a 30.3 percent increase from $55,5 billion in 2019. Google Play, a smaller market than the iOS app store, saw a significant increase in revenue to $38.6 billion in 2020.

It’s worth noting that the market share of iOS varies by region, and Android dominates Asia and Europe. However, in North America, iOS apps are more prevalent. They make up 53.55 percent of all smartphones, and Android accounts for 46.24 percent of the market.

Mobile Apps Turn the World Around

The mobile app market is currently insatiable, and consumers seek instant gratification in all aspects of life, including entertainment, navigation, food, fashion, travel, and navigation. In 2018, an estimated 269 billion mobile apps were downloaded, and every day, one person downloads 30 apps.

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Mobile Applications are Becoming More Popular

Websites are no longer in their prime. Desktop computers and laptops are being phased out in favor of mobile apps. Eighty-seven percent of people say they spend more time on mobile apps than websites. This is why iPhone app Development Services are highly recommended for professional iOS app development company.

iOS is a Popular Platform

iOS provides a superior user experience. With 64 percent of developers dedicating iOS resources to the market, the iOS Developer Community backs its platform. In the Developer market, iOS is the preferred choice. You can select, handpick, and finalize the resources required for your iOS Apps Development Services. This is determined by your project’s scope, budget, and time constraints.

Big Numbers – Crunching

There are 5 million apps available to download and 2 million apps available on the Apple App Store. This alone indicates the popularity of iPhone App Development. Each day, an average of 1,082 new apps are released. The company waits for positive feedback from its users. It’s all about making the functionality appealing, simple to use, and practical value to customers. Your app will succeed in the market and gradually gain popularity to become a top choice in the market.


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There are 5 million apps to download. 2 million apps can be found in the Apple App Store. This number alone is a testament to the popularity of iPhone App Development. Each day, approximately 1,082 new applications are released and await feedback from users. It is all about creating a user-friendly, attractive interface and delivering a practical experience. Your app will succeed in the market if you do it correctly, and it is slowly becoming a popular option for downloads in the market.

iOS App Security

Apple is known for its innovative security features. Apple computers are frequently hailed as being the most secure in the market, so it is no surprise that iOS has been able to keep users safe in all areas of the world.

Higher ROI

When applying, businesses want to see solid investment returns. Despite this, the primary goal of any commercial enterprise is profit. Apple has the most paying customers, and iOS users are more likely to pay for an app than Android users who use open-source. Because Android provides many free apps, its users are less likely to pay for them.

An iOS app is less expensive than an Android app, and the combination of accessibility and availability determines the return on investment of an iOS app.

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Mobile Apps Popularity

Everybody uses mobile apps nowadays. There are apps for everything. You can order food online, chat with people, make edits to apps, listen to and play music, and shop for groceries. There are apps for everything. It is important to hire an IOS app developer who understands the market and can create apps for users.


Apple is the Apple of Everyone’s Eyes

These statistics help us see why Apple is the Mobile App Development Services and Solutions leader.

  • Since 2007, Apple has sold more than 1.3 billion iPhones.
  • Apple’s stock has risen 15,000% since 2001, making it worth $1 trillion.
  • Apple sells 18% of smartphones worldwide and makes 87% of smartphone profits.
  • Apple’s cash reserves are $285.1 billion.
  • 81% of iOS users have the most recent software version installed.
  • Apple paid $26.5 million to iOS developers last fiscal year.
  • In Q4 2017, Apple sold 8 million more watches than all of Switzerland’s watchmakers.
  • Each year, iOS devices capture a trillion photos.
  • Apple Podcasts reached 50 billion episodes and were downloaded over 50 million times.
  • ARKit can be used in 2000+ apps.

There are many types of iOS apps available

There are many types of applications that can be run on the iOS platform. From quirky to funny, every idea has been tested and received various responses in the market. Sometimes an idea grows from a user base. For example, Dubsmash. Other times the idea becomes a hit as soon as it hits the market.

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The app preference is based on gender and age. Many users download games to their mobile apps for entertainment, relaxation, playing with friends, or killing time. It was all about social media in 2019, and it’s been a lot about being online. The biggest trend for 2019 is the personal image, which can be achieved through various filters and self-portraits. Social media is the largest category of downloadable apps with 32%, followed by messaging apps at 10% and game apps at 10%.

These are some of the most popular game apps in 2021, and they include:

  • Clash of Clans
  • Candy Crush Saga
  • Monster Strike
  • Puzzles and Dragons
  • Honor of Kings

Social media apps are also very popular as app favorites. The following social media apps are consumer favorites.

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp

The following are the top-grossing apps in 2021:

  • Netflix
  • Spotify
  • Pandora
  • Tencent Video
  • Tinder


Apple and iOS are formidable forces in the tech industry, and the market for iOS app development solutions will remain active. Businesses are looking for ways to expand their user base by providing seamless apps that allow customers to make secure, dependable, and hassle-free purchases.


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