How to Recover Documents from USB Drive – Simple Steps 

 July 26, 2021

“Are you searching an instant solution to retrieve documents from flash drive? Kudos! You land at the perfect place. Here, we come up to solve the most usually asked query like recover documents from flash drive. Easily, go through the all to find out the smart mode for the same.”

Brief Outline

What exactly happens when users lost their important documents without any alert. It can be a nuisance situation for anyone. Mainly, USB is proficiently used storage device as compared to others. You choose this because its progressive functionalities. You can store thousands of data files like photos, videos, music, and documents etc., in USB drive.

Eventhough, most of the users used USB drive to take back up their crucial data files. But, what if all the documents stored in a flash drive is wiped out. We know this is the grievous situation for anyone. At times, you find an automated solution to retrieve deleted documents from flash drive. Then, we think this and come up with this post. Here, in this write, we are going to describe the top two methods to solve the problem like how to recover documents from USB drive. Let’s get started:

Special Tip!

Once users know that users lost their precious document files from flash drive. At times, at first, users have to stop using that existing USB drive instantly. Due to any data may overwrite the deleted files. And once the data files are being overwritten then, it becomes hopeless to acquire them.

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Manual Solution to Retrieve Deleted Documents from Flash Drive

Here, we are going to disclose the directions to utilize a recovery process. Mainly, this free solution is available in two workarounds. Both methods are discussed comprehensively. So, you can execute any method sequentially to recover permanently deleted partition data. Let’s get going:

Workaround 1. How to Recover Documents from USB Drive by Using The Previous Versions

Follow the below-given instructions to recover lost documents from a flash drive with the help of previous versions of files or folders:

  • First of all, right-click on the folder which consists of your permanently deleted. Then, select the Properties option.
  • Now, hit a click on Previous Versions from the top pane and to proceed further.
  • Finally, you can preview a list of the previous version of a folder. Now, you have to choose the file edition which one you require to restore and click on the Restore button.

Workaround 2 Retrieve Deleted Documents From Flash Drive by Using CMD

In order, to perform the recovery procedure. You have to try the cmd utility. To do so, follow the below-outlined steps properly:

• Initially press Windows + R keys, in Windows edition 10/8.1/8
• Here, users have to type CMD and press Enter key to open command prompt wizard.
• Finally, write this following command in the Command Prompt wizard i.e., attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.*, and press Enter or wait for few time till the process completes successfully.

Note: Most of the people are still ignorant of a fact i.e. when they normally deleted any data from USB drive. Then, those documents files will be deleted from flash drive instead of going to recycle bin. Because when the documents file is deleted from an external storage device so, it will be wiped permanently from that device. In this state, no manual method can recover deleted documents from flash drive. To do so, an automated or professional utility is the one way. So, we have mentioned that in the approaching section, let’s continue further.

What If Manual Solution Gets Failed?

There are multiple people who are troubling from documents loss problem from flash drive. But, the prime query comes in every user’s mind i.e., how to recover document from USB drive?. So, here, we come up with this USB Permanently Deleted Data Recovery Software. This recovery application is programmed with significant features which are tried by professionals. Primarily, this amazing tool comes under the top 5 world’s best recovery applications.

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However, it is a perfect method to execute corrupted, deleted, formatted or lost documents recovery from all brands flash drive. Furthermore, The speed of this tool is precise quick. Finally, it is a secure way to recover permanently deleted documents from USB without any hindrance. Anyone either geek or non-geek can utilize this flawless tool via visiting our official page.

Steps to Recover Permanently Deleted Documents From USB Drive by Using Reliable Software

Merely, follow all the mentioned below steps, to execute the ultimate recovery process of deleted documents from flash drive.

Step 1: Primarily, download and run the USB Disk Data Recovery Software to your local system.

Step 2: Now, users can select Scan instead of formatted scan because you need to recover deleted data.

Step 3: This tool has a specific feature i.e., it emphasizes the deleted files by red color. So, this becomes simple for users to realize which documents files are deleted permanently.

Step 4: At last, hit on the Save option to export and store all the restored files from a flash drive at any desired location.

Concluding Words

If you link up with your situation with those you who are troubling from data loss problem. So, do not waste your precious time. Just read and follow this blog to overcome your problem. Primarily, in this article, we discussed the best method to recover documents from USB drive. But, there is no manual solution which has the capability to give you expected result. So, it is suggested to go with an alternative approach named Pen drive data recovery software. Nevertheless, each methods are revealed suitably. Thus, users can opt any one as per your need.

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