Email Monitoring: How To Do Email Monitoring With AddSpy App 

 August 11, 2021

AddSpy email monitor by taking a screenshot of the email and logging keystroke enter into the email, including the email’s content, recipient, and the date and time the email is sent. Email monitoring is essential for employers to track internal threats and prevent personal information leaks. No matter which email service they prefer, AddSpy Email Spy can help you track and read their emails. whether they are emailed or received; Now you can read everything they exchanged through their email addresses.

What Is Email Monitoring?

Email monitoring software, also known as mail server monitoring software, is a complete set of tools used to keep your mail server running smoothly. Successful email monitoring can help your capability to send and receive an email, even in large volumes, with minimal disruption to the delivery and storage process.

What You Can Do with an Email Screen Recorder?

  • Review every email received by the target user and every email sent by the target user.
  • Get contact information including names and email addresses for all emails that are exchanged?
  • View the full content of all emails sent and received.
  • Find out the exact time and date the email was sent.

Why Is This Useful Monitor On Email?

The AddSpy spy app allows you to find out all the details of the composed content in the email sent to the user’s device. On the one hand, it is easier for parents to know if children have emailed suspicious strangers or if children have sent inappropriate content to their emails. On the other hand, it is very helpful for employers to find out whether employees are passing confidential business information to unauthorized groups and individuals through email espionage.

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Why Is Email Monitoring Important?

Since email is an important business function for both internal and external communications, monitoring email servers is important for administrators and users to ensure that business emails is sent quickly and securely without overloading the network. Email monitoring is design to provide information to help prevent and expeditiously resolve mail server issues that may result in loss of revenue due to performance issues or outages on Exchange mail servers, including :

  • Emails that are not returnes or delivered are unprofessional and unproductive.
  • Email security risks represent an unacceptable but common threat to the security of the business as a whole.
  • Ability to maintain a smooth e-mail delivery process even in the face of large data transfers and large message stores.
  • But your email delivery rate starts to slow down, an email monitoring tool can help you locate and diagnose the location of a storage bottleneck before it damages your server.
  • If the email account on your server is almost complete load. The mail server monitoring tool can notify you before the account goes bad.
  • If an account on your server is unable to receive new emails, monitoring can help determine what steps you need to take to get back on your feet and ensure that your email system is compatible with business productivity. Keep working as needed.
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How To Install An Email Monitoring App On The Target Device?

If you want to monitor someone’s mobile phone and also want to know about sent/received emails, just install mobile phone spyware on the target device. When the installation is complete, you need to activate it on the target device.

Alternatively, use your credentials and access the online dashboard where you need to activate the AddSpy email tracking software. You can now take the liberty of tracking all emails sent or received on the target device with AddSpy’s online phone tracker app Control Panel, where you can view all emails sent and received. It will help the users in many ways, and they can get many benefits from it.

Why Do You Need AddSpy Email Spy Software?

There are many reasons why someone should have an email tracking app. It only allows the user to view all sent/received emails on the target device. You can read the email message received by the target person with a full timestamp. In addition, you can view the nature of the email and find out. This is about the means of communication between the sender and the recipient.

AddSpy email spying can help you learn a lot about people who work in offices and communicate by email. If you are an employer who suspects unprofessional behavior in your employees, or if your spouse works in an office and you suspect his activities. This feature can really help you find out what they are doing at work.

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Email monitoring is very useful for many people. And they can trace emails sent/received on target mobile phones for various reasons. Let us discuss the benefits of tracking email on one’s mobile phone. However, the action requires proper consent, otherwise, the target device is yours.

Benefits For parents

Young children and teens who own smartphones and have their own email addresses may also participate in sending and receiving inappropriate media content that could harm them. Thus, this AddSpy function can be uses to check this behavior and take appropriate action against it. Parents are fully aware of the fact that children and teens use email outside of school and engage in the exchange of inappropriate content. In this way, parents can spy on the email.

Benefits For Individuals

People get uses to using email for communication, business, and other reasons. So, each email they send has its own importance. And they don’t want to lose the data of already sent/received emails for later viewing. If they accidentally delete an email or have a mailbox problem but have already installed the AddSpy email monitoring app. They can get all email data back in no time.

Benefits For Employers

Monitoring the content of emails has become essential and very useful especially for employers. This lets them know that the employees working for them are keeping company secrets. And they can sell the company by emailing trade secrets to others. Thus, business professionals can use the AddSpy email tracking app to protect their business at the end of the day.

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