Crackonosh Malware – How to Save Your PC from It 

 June 30, 2021

They have deducted it at the Avast. The pirated and cracked software are spreading this malware. The researchers of science and technology have also said that they have found this malware through torrents and forums. Some users have also reported the sudden loss of the antivirus software on the system. The team has also investigated this situation. During the investigation, they have found that it is due to the malware infection.

Its infection chain begins with the drop of an installer and a script. Due to this reason, it can modify the Windows registry. As a result, we can allow the malware to execute in the Safe Mode. Moreover, it will also send the infected system in the Safe Mode during the next startup. When Crackonosh malware sends the infected system in the Safe Mode, antivirus software will not work.

As a result, it can easily delete and disable the Windows Defender. This malware can easily detect the presence of antivirus software. After detecting the antivirus software, it can easily delete or disable this software. Moreover, it can also stop Windows Update. It can also stop the users to show Windows Security. For this reason, it uses a fake tick tray icon.

At last, Crackonosh malware also deploys the XMRig. It is a cryptocurrency miner. For the mining of the cryptocurrency, it uses system power and resources. By using this system power and resources, it can easily mine the XMR cryptocurrency. The Avast team is saying that it has mined almost 9000 XMR coins by using Crackonosh malware.

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Moreover, it has also generated almost $2 million for its operators. The researchers are saying that it is hitting almost 1,000 devices in a day. Moreover, it has infected almost 222,000 machines till now. The researchers have also identified 30 different variants of Crackonosh malware. Recently, they have launched a new variant in November 2020. Now, the problem is that this malware will use your system to mine XMR coins for nothing.

Crackonosh Malware Will Exploits Your System to Mine XMR:

As we have discussed earlier that it will use the system’s hardware to mine XMR cryptocurrency. It is not a new project. They have been running this project for almost 2 years. To mine XMR coins, they are using the shady operations under the radar. As a result of these attacks, the attackers have generated almost 2$ million worth of XMR coins.

Now, the problem is that it is hard for us to detect this malware. Its reason is that it is making minimal changes to the malware. If you are using your hardware system to play games and to run heavy software, you will have to face the problem of heavy CPU usage. The users may have to face a noticeable change in the performance of the system. Crackonosh malware will last constant load on the CPU. As a result, your CPU has to operate under higher temperatures.

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How to Protect Your PC from Crackonosh Malware?

According to a dissertation help firm, the researchers have deducted various malware attacks that are lasting some negative impacts on our daily lives. The new research from Avast is showing that they have deducted Crackonosh malware. Its main focus is on PC gamers. By using this malware, the hackers can easily hijack the gamers PCs.

Later on, they can use these PCs to mine cryptocurrencies. They are targeting the gamers’ PCs because they know that these PCs have high power CPUs and GPUs. The hackers know that they can easily leverage these PCs to mine coins. To attack the gamers’ PCs, they are using the route of the pirated games.

The hackers can easily hide Crackonosh malware in the various pirated copies of the games. After hiding this malware in the pirated games, they distribute these games freely on torrenting websites. The gamers try to download and install these pirated games on their PCs. Along with these pirated games, they also open up the ways for the malware to enter into their PC.

As a result, it will start to hijack your PC without your knowledge. After discussing the attacking mode of this malware, we try to know how to avoid this attack. To avoid this attack, we can use various techniques.

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Crackonosh Malware

The first and foremost technique is to stop downloading pirating games into the PC. The hackers are getting access to almost 800 PCs just by using the technique of Crackonosh malware. If you have downloaded one of these pirated games on your PC or on mobile gadget, you may be get infected by this malware. After getting access to your PC, it will turn off the Windows software updates.

Moreover, it will also uninstall the security software from your PC. Under such a situation, you will have to follow another step. You should buy new security software. After buying new security software, you should run this software on your PC. When you will run this software on your PC, you will get an idea either your PC has been infected or not.

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Nowadays, cybercriminals are attacking gaming PCs. They are attacking the gaming PCs with mining malware. Recently, researchers have deducted this kind of mining malware under the name of Crackonosh malware.

They are sending this malware into the gaming PCs by hiding it in the free versions of the games. After hiding the malware in the free versions of the games, they upload these games on torrenting websites.

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When a user downloads these games, he may get infected by this software. After getting downloaded into the user’s PC, it will start mining by using the user’s PC power. If you want to save your PC from Crackonosh malware, you will have to stop downloading pirating games from torrenting websites. You should also buy new security software and detect malicious attacks on your PC.

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