Common Skin Diseases during the Monsoon Season-Natural Treatment 

 August 4, 2021

Monsoons come as a respite to the scorching heat and bring happy vibes. However, just like the two sides of a coin, this season also brings some skin diseases. In this season, your skin is more prone to fungal infections, rashes, and allergies. Most people look for skin specialists in Delhi on an online doctor consultation app during the year. 

These skin situations worsen if you get drenched in rains and have damp clothes for a longer period. You will experience itchiness, irritation and it might lead to a lot of discomforts. Hence, it is vital to take precautions and keep your body from getting these skin issues. If you get allergies or infections, use some natural treatments and reach out to your skin specialist.

Common skin diseases during monsoons and their natural treatment

Let us discuss different skin diseases that you can get during the rainy season. Learn about the causes and what natural treatments you can use to get rid of them. 

Athlete’s Foot

Peeling of the skin of your feet is associated with an Athlete’s foot. For example, if you drench your feet in the rain and stay in wet shoes and socks for a longer time, it happens. The skin of your feet starts to peel off, which can make it impossible to wear shoes. 

Natural Treatment: Never wear wet shoes or socks. Always dry your feet before wearing shoes and apply coconut oil to prevent the skin from peeling. The ideal way is to wear plastic flip-flops unless it is essential to wear shoes and socks. 


In regions where water clogging is common in the monsoons, one cannot escape from getting in touch with the contaminated water. This increases the risk of water-related infections that occur due to parasite mites. In addition, you will experience itching and irritation at the same time, which can get uncontrollable. 

Natural Treatment: One can apply tea tree oil over the place of infection. Tea tree oil is anti-pruritic. Hence, it gives instant relief from itching and eventually helps get rid of the infection.


Due to the increased moisture in the climate, your skin is more prone to ringworms. If you see a circular red-colored patch around your neck or in the armpits, it can be ringworm. This infection is contagious, and one who is having it is advised not to share their belongings with anyone else.

Natural Treatment: Topical application of pure coconut oil is the best remedy for ringworms. Coconut oil is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial and helps treat this skin disease effectively. 

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People, who are more prone to allergies, are more likely to get rashes during monsoons. Therefore, most people looking for a skin specialist in Delhi on an online doctor consultation app are concerned about skin rashes. These rashes can sometimes leave marks on the skin if you itch hard; hence it is vital to get timely treatment.

Natural Treatment: Wear loose clothes and take cool showers as a natural treatment. You can also try using the calamine lotion as it gives a calming effect. You can also use the prickly heat powder and creams to feel that the rashes are due to moisture build-up. 

This was about the diseases that you can get and how to treat them naturally. But there are a few points that you should pay attention to avoid getting them in the first place. These precautions are:

  • Try not to get drenched in the rain. Carry your umbrella or a raincoat whenever you go out.
  • Pay attention to personal hygiene and wash your hands and feet after coming from outside.
  • Wear light, breathable fabric, whether it is your socks or the shirt. 

These things will protect you against infections. However, if you still see the symptoms, you know the natural treatments that can help.

When to go for online doctor consultation?

If natural treatments fail to respond and the situation does not come under control in a few days, you should start looking for skin specialists in Delhi. Choose a reliable online doctor consultation app, explore the skin specialists available there, and discuss with them the possible treatments. 

Take good care of your skin and enjoy the weather. Never ignore any symptoms and act upon them instantly to keep your skin safe against potential infections.

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