Black Wall Accents For Bedroom You Will Love in 2022 

 October 30, 2021

Black, the color of class and elegance, is surely beyond the fashion industry. The shade is renowned for ruling home decors too. Apart from traditional room furniture and decoratives, did you know black wall accents have been in the limelight lately?

These wall accents mean a wall that is distinctive from others. It could be in terms of color, design, or material.

Imagine how classy your room is going to look when you select black as the color for wall accents. Presently, they have gained popularity for rendering a unique texture to the space. If you want black wall accents for your bedroom, then dig into these latest ideas for more details.

#1 Plain Black with Decor Contrast

One of the most standard black bedroom wall ideas that can enhance the room aura is a plain black accent wall with decors in contrast. The confined black place is likely to make enough of a statement that compliments the entire space.

For that, all you have to do is paint a portion of your bedroom with a black shade. Once done, embellish the rest of the room with furniture in contrast. For example, black goes breathtakingly well with dusty rose, navy, or emerald green. You can blend in these colors for the furniture or decoratives.

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#2 Spatter of Shades!

If you want an aesthetic outlook for your bedroom, then it’s best to try a splash of shades for an accent wall. Usually, it means that one part of your room will be secured with spattered motifs of black.

It may seem like a stone-like structure; however, the designs can be selected as per your preferences. There are swirls, stripes, blocks, and a whole other category to select from. Keep note that, regardless of your choices, you can never go wrong with splashes!

#3 Black Accent Box

Do you have an interesting space with all your favorites in one place? If yes, then turn it up into a black accent box. By this we mean, you can paint shelves, cabins, and racks in your bedroom with black.


You can fuse up two shades together to make a contrast. For example, a blend of ebony for the background with grey at the cabin edges is likely to render a valiant outlook.

If you want to step up the appearance, opt for bedroom elements in contrast. Try to infuse easy-going shades of black with shades in disparity.

#4 Make Black Accent Wall Focal Point

If you want to hear some ‘ohs’ and ‘ahs’ from visitors, then try making a black accent wall focal point. For that, make sure to identify the center of your bedroom. After that, get it painted as an accent wall with a black shade.

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To make it more attractive, we would recommend laying the bed at the forefront. For a contradiction, you can turn your bed color into a shade that blends in well with black. That particular accent wall above your bed can be room for galleries, pictures, art pieces, artwork, and whatnot!

#5 Combine Accent Walls of Two Different Shades

Who said that there has to be a single accent wall only? If you want, you can go for two! In fact, two different shades of accent walls are pretty popular nowadays.

You can paint only one wall of your room black and the adjacent ones with turquoise or yellow maybe! Besides, these spaces can be utilized to make shelves, ledges, and racks to keep your favorites.

It’s best to hang up the elements that correspond to black. You can also place wall-implanted flower pots to further augment the ambiance.

#6 Black Accent Walls with Wall Designs

Who said your black accent wall has to be plain? You can combine whatever you like to the same! From florals to patterns or diagrams, so many things can go up to that wall.


You can also opt for decorative paints, for instance. These are similar to adding beautiful artworks like country sceneries, exquisite branches, and landscape paintings. With these ideas, your bedroom will get more depth and personality.

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#7 Black Accent Wall With Windows

If you have a space with large transparent windows, you can turn its framework into the ideal black accent wall. These are valuable tactics if the casement exhibits beautiful outer scenery. Also, make sure that the particular space is more sunlight-prone.

The combination of a black background with a fascinating landscape goes really well with each other. Add in a few greens in the form of plants or trees, and you are good to go!


Black is not that despair after all. Right? While we absolutely adore the above-mentioned ideas, which ones do you like for your bedroom?


Before you decide, plunge into some ideas for a black bedroom wall and then fuse it with your choice. Hopefully, these tips helped you with your home decor.


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