Are Cuban Link Chains a Must-Have in 2022? 

 May 12, 2022

Gold chains became one of the most popular jewelry long ago but we should be thankful to Hip Hop culture for bringing it into mainstream fashion. The variety of gold chain styles makes it easy to diversify our look, demonstrate our exclusivity and preferences, combine and create new variations of jewelry ensembles.

Gold chains are on top of 2022 fashion! If you want to reach perfection in your look this year you should add a few gold chains. Nowadays we are able to choose out of a great number of gold chains types. There are a lot of styles of gold chains that can change your image, make it more sophisticated and lambent, add radiance and significance.

The Cuban link chain performs the duty to boost the look better than any other jewelry. That is why it became the undying classics among the gold chains.

Cuban link chains became popular in the 1970s in Miami. That is where they got their name from. The interlocking pattern of the Cuban link chain provides the gold chain good durability and strength which made it great for rappers of that time. Cuban link chains became so famous because they were able to bear the weight of the gold and diamonds the rappers were eager to show off.

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Through the years the gold Cuban link chains remained popular as the time showed they are practical: great for everyday wear, durable, stylish, good for women and men, suitable with different outfit styles.

2022 continues the trend of massiveness in fashion and fine jewelry. The desire to dress up and show off a little is evident and understandable after a couple of complicated years. So, having a chunky gold Cuban chain is almost a psychological need. There’s no need to limit yourself as they are really a must-have of this year.

Let’s see what advantages make the gold Cuban link chains the favorite among the fans of gold jewelry.

First of all, the variety of size and length. The look you wear may significantly differ whether you choose a massive up to a kilo or a delicate 2mm gold Cuban link chain. It may easily become the center of your look if its heavy and chunky, iced-out or with a heavy pendant hanging down from it, or become one of the layers in the ensemble of several elegant gold chains. It also creates good combinations with other jewelry. Gold Cuban link chains look good with different styles of outfit. Either its business or everyday look, this chain will suit both. One more advantage the Cuban chain possesses is its simplicity in care.

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If you decide to get either for yourself or for someone you care about a gold Cuban link chain you should consider some details while choosing.

  • Decide the purity of the gold you prefer for the gold chain. It is ranged between 9K and 24K. The more carats the purer the gold in the jewelry. The purer the gold the higher is its cost. If you know you or the person you’re buying the gold chain for can be allergic to some of the metals, it’s safer to buy the gold jewelry of high gold purity. The more the carats the more hypoallergenic the gold jewelry is. But the most common gold chains to choose are the 14K and the 18K gold chains. They are the golden mean of price and quality.
  • Select the color of the chain. Though yellow gold is undeniable classics for Cuban link chains, you are welcome to make it more modern. Opt for white gold which combines in a spectacular way with diamonds or you may follow Kim Kardashian’s choice of rose gold for the Cuban link chain.
  • Choose the length and the width of the gold Cuban link chain you want. Of course, this choice depends solely on your preferences. You can get either a 2mm in thickness and 18 inches’ length gold chain or opt for 8mm in thickness and 30 inches long gold chain. It depends on your style and comfort. But the thicker and longer the chain gets, the higher the price goes. And there are some tricks with length that can improve your image considerably.
  • You also should decide how you’re going to wear your gold Cuban link chain. It can be worn as a sole chain or layered with other types of chains. You may also want to get a pendant to wear on a chain. Or maybe you want your Cuban link chain all iced-out. Diamond-encrusted Cuban chains are the top style high-end jewelry. While considering all those variants you should keep in mind that it’s better to choose the length and width of your Cuban chain accordingly as it should be able to bear the weight of the pendant or diamonds.
  • If you’re choosing a massive gold Cuban link chain you should take into consideration its weight. It may become up to a kilo if it’s made of solid gold. If you’re ready to wear such a weight on your neck, go for it! But if you think it may be too heavy for you, you can consider a chain made of hollow gold. It costs less but it is also less durable and can deform easier than the chains of solid gold.
  • The one detail you may also want to pay attention to is the clasp. It should function well and be tight enough so your chain won’t be undone and get lost. One of the safest types of clasps for gold Cuban link chain is the lobster-claw clasp.
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In 2022 Cuban link chains are certainly a must-have! Chanel, Valentino, Balmain and Givenchy make the chains one of the central features of their collections. Gold chains are on top of this season not only as jewelry, but also as a decoration of bags and shoes. And thanks to their strength and looks Cuban link chains are the best type for these purposes.


Cuban link chains are certainly destined for bald people. Either you prefer a chunky iced-out or a delicate plain Cuban link chain you’ll definitely become the center of attention. Especially if you wear it right. Not that there’s an improper way of wearing it, though. We already mentioned that this type of chain is practical and can be worn with any style of clothes by men and women. With the help of colors’ and length’s tricks it is possible to conceal or emphasize some features of appearance. For example, to emphasize the beauty and elegance of a long slender neck a short gold chain (14-16 inches) will be the best choice. The gold chains of 18-20 inches’ length suit the outfits with deep necklines. Thin long chains of 22-24 inches make the body visually look slimmer. If you want to wear a pendant with a chain it’s better to add 2-4 inches’ length to the chain. The most suitable length of a gold chain is considered to be 16-20 inches for women and 20-24 inches for men.

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While choosing the colors of the gold chains we should remember the following tricks. For example, classic yellow gold and rose gold chains look advantageous on olive or darker skin, but yellow gold goes better with black outfits, while rose gold prefers light-colored clothing. Rose color of gold is often paired with other colors of gold to create modern and trendy layers. White gold chains are preferably worn on pale complexion and with light-colored clothes and are also more often paired with other gold chains.

To get the gold Cuban link chain and become the fashion icon of 2022 you need to properly choose the place to buy it. To purchase a real high-end gold chain of good quality you have to be sure the seller is trustworthy. Either it’s online or brick-and-mortar stores make sure to check their reputation and reviews to start with. Check the hallmarks on the gold chain you’re interested in, ask questions about its gold purity and whether it’s hollow or solid gold. If the seller is professional he’ll answer those questions easily and get into details. Pay attention to the advice given by the seller. They should match your preferences and budget.

2022 is the year for loud and bold statements. Make yours with the help of a gold Cuban link chain and be sure that it will definitely be heard and remembered!

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