How to Make a Video Podcast: An Ultimate Guide for Beginners 

 January 31, 2022

Videos are indeed dominating the media landscape these days, but podcasts do not lag. They are gaining immense popularity, especially because of the ease of making them with a video editor.

Yes, you read it right. You can now use the best online video editor for making enjoyable and engaging video podcasts. They are one of the most reliable and accessible ways for the viewers to stay entertained and informed at the same time.

For the uninitiated, video podcasts are pre-recorded visual shows focused on specific topics such as travel or business. Users can either stream them or download them online.

More and more brands are incorporating elements like body language, facial expressions, colorful visuals, and motion graphics in their podcasts for higher engagement and conversions. Research says that in 2019, the US had 70% podcast listeners, but it has become 75% in 2021.

So, are you ready to create the best video podcasts? Let’s get straight into action:

  1. Know Your Target Audience

This will be a common pre-requisite or tip for anyone creating online content. Be it any online content you are dealing with, if you do not know who your target audience is, it will get difficult to create relevant matters.

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Only when you know your audience will it get easier for you to choose the topic of your podcast. Also, if you know that this is the best video maker tool for creating a video podcast, how will you use it when you are not clear about the audience?

So, work on knowing your audience, their interests, and what they want exactly. Listen to the audience carefully, so your subject matter and personality feel relatable and adapt accordingly.

When you develop a clear understanding of your target audience, you will know when is the right time to crack jokes and when you must treat a certain subject with respect and reverence.

You can answer the viewers’ questions during the video podcast or ask the audiences something to get a clearer idea of their requirements. Then you can offer them what they want.

  1. Decide on the Topic of the Video Podcast

Coming up with an interesting topic for the video podcast is vital. Finding something interesting is very important if you want the viewers to click on your link. This is a very simple task, especially for the independent creators looking to create video podcasts on different topics.

Ask the audiences directly to suggest topics for the podcast or carry out proper research on interesting podcast topics. If you are podcasting for your brand, then work on a topic that matches the niche you are serving. Regardless of the topic, make certain it has the potential of bringing in engagement and viewership.

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Whatever topic you are going for, make sure it solves the over-arching problems of the viewers regarding the specific niche or the industry you are serving. Think of different ways of keeping your video podcast relevant to the target audience.

Make it catchy by providing value in the form of knowledge and solutions!

  1. Plan Everything Properly

Once you are clear about the topic of your video podcast, it’s time to plan everything out. For instance, if you have chosen fashion as the topic of your video podcast, you will have to work on creating different topics for every week.

If 50s style dresses is your topic for the week, then you must choose something different for the next week. Planning for the podcast also involves deciding on whether you require speakers or co-hosts for the episodes, or you will be fine alone.

Probably, you might have heard this a million times earlier as well, but there’s no harm in learning this all over again that a script is very important for almost any kind of content. And your video podcast is no exception.

As the host, you must be prepared with a list of questions you will cover, while the speakers should research backing up their words.

  1. Start Recording
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It is the most complicated step of the procedure, and therefore you should take special preparation for this. First of all, choose the format for your visual podcast. This will determine the complexity level of the process.

That’s because the recording procedure of a certain format can be completely different from that of another. Also, get a clear idea of what you will need for the recording. These include a good camera and lens, studio lighting, and podcasting microphone.

The camera you choose for your video podcast must have the power to shoot in 4K. In the category of studio lighting, it is ideal to light up the whole space for the shoot. This will help in creating a high cinematic effect.

You have the option of investing in a good-to-go, simple podcasting microphone that eliminates background sound while ensuring your voice sounds pleasant, crisp, and clean. Of course, you can use your phone or a webcam but make sure the sound, light, and video quality does not go down in any case.

  1. Wear Suitable Clothing and Choose Stunning Background

If you are recording yourself in your video podcast, make sure to wear proper and presentable clothing. At the same time, also ensure using an aesthetically stunning backdrop for your video podcast.

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Practice how you present yourself in front of the camera while maintaining professional and smart body language.

  1. It’s Time for Some Editing

Now that you have finished recording your video podcast, it is time to get going with your editing skills. Use a professional video editor tool for this purpose, as it will give you the confidence to place your podcast for publishing without any worries.

The video podcast editing procedure involves adding b-roll, color grading, adding lower thirds, mixing the video, and including custom bumpers. You can also improve your video podcast’s feel and look by adjusting colors, stitching video clips, tweaking audio levels, and incorporating transitions and titles.

You can do all this and more editing by using the right video editing tool online.

Get Set and Go!

So, these are the tips to help you make the best video podcasts. Now that you have got an idea, it is high time to begin the process. The information available here is in no way an overload. Just go through the main points and start podcasting today!


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