15 Surefire Ways To Drive Traffic To Your New Blog 

 March 24, 2022


When it comes to driving traffic to a new website, SEO will always be my first choice. It is one of the freeways to drive a massive amount of traffic on the new website.

Although it takes time but would surely help you in long run.

Every day 3.5 billion searches take place on Google and Google has been visited 62.19 billion times this year. This clearly indicates that you can drive a massive amount of traffic via Google, and SEO is one such way.

However, due to the changing appearance of SERP and rise in competition, SEO is becoming more difficult than ever.

So here are the few techniques by which you can level up your SEO game:


Social Media

Social media is a goldmine of traffic. More than 3 billion people use social media. 63% of the world’s population is active on social media. This shows that social media has huge potential in it to drive traffic.

It is also important to assess if your social media efforts are paying off. There are a number of different tools that can be used to help determine this. You can check out review sites to get a better sense of which tools are essential in giving you a clear picture of whether or not the time and energy being put into those efforts is worthwhile.

But the question is how can you drive traffic via social media?

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I’ll tell you how?

  • Publish more visual content rather than textual content. According to Adobe, social media posts with images create 650% more engagement as compared to the normal textual image.
  • Post on Facebook 2-3 times a week. Tweet more than 2 times a day. Republish any blog content on LinkedIn 2-3 times a  week.
  • Make your content sharable.

YouTube Channel (example of a website link on YouTube)

YouTube is another great source of driving traffic as more than 2 billion people use it. In fact, many bloggers and webmaster use YouTube as the primary source of driving traffic.

YouTube is a video search engine. Your keywords, title, video description and content will determine how your video is discovered on YouTube. You can strategically place your website or content link in the description and drive visitors to your main site.

While including your link, play your cards wisely as people won’t click it without a reason.

So, in order to get maximum clicks, give people a reason to click on it by creating valuable content.

Re-publish content

Another great way to drive traffic on your new blog is by re-publishing old content.

Content creation takes time. Creating a top-notch content may take anywhere between 5-6 hours or even more. In fact, it took me 10+ hours to create content on “40+ IT Companies In Pune” excluding research work and creating images.

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Since we all work hard to create the best content for our readers, why not make this easy for you.

This is where content re-publishing comes into play.

When you republish your content, you are making your content work for you by bringing them in front of users of another platform. This way, you’ll be easily able to drive tons of referral traffic.

Create a podcast

More than half of the US consumers above the age of 12 listen to the podcast. Also, 32% of Americans listen to the podcast on monthly basis. Hence, podcasts also prove to be a great source of driving traffic on your site.

Not only driving traffic but they would also help you in improving your SEO as certain podcast sites will give do-follow links as well.

Following are the best ways to drive traffic while using podcasts:

Leverage email marketing (images of signature and headline in email)

Did you know?

There are 3.9 billion people actively using email. American employees get 120+ emails every day. This clearly shows that email does have the potential to drive massive traffic on your blog.

Today, most of the marketers are using emails to entice their users to buy their product or service, but you can use emails to drive traffic on your site, offer or any particular web-page.

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Below are some strategies that you can use to drive traffic via email:

  • Grow your email list first.
  • Create an eye-catchy headline just like this.
  • Keep your email content in syn with blog or website content.
  • Use clickable signatures in your email.

Drive referral traffic (image from GA)

If you are new to the word referral traffic let me explain it to you. Referral traffic is a type of traffic that comes to your site from other websites. When a user clicks a link on a website then he is taken to another website.

That traffic is known as referral traffic.

Although referral traffic won’t help you in increasing sales and conversion, but it would surely help you in getting traffic on your site. There are multiple ways by which you can drive referral traffic on your site.

Below are some ways by which you can drive referral traffic:

  • List your blog on High DA PA directories.
  • Be active in forums and link to your site whenever necessary.
  • Do gust posting.
  • Submit your blog thumbnail on image submission sites.
  • Leverage social media.

Start guest posting

Many bloggers and webmaster think that guest posting is dead. However, this is not the case. Guest posting is still working and it is one of the best ways to get referral traffic and improve your SEO.

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With guest blogging, you can include your website link in author bio, content or add a CTA.

This will help you in getting referral traffic whenever someone clicks on the link.

Here are the examples on how you can include link while posting guest post:

Run paid ads

Do you want to increase the traffic your site instantly?

If yes, then start using paid ads. Nothing can beat paid ads, provided that you have good budget to spend. In fact, paid ads work much faster than SEO in driving traffic and generating leads.

Another benefit of paid ads is that you can trun on and off the campaign anytime you want. This gives you complete control and transparency for your campaign.

Of course, this does not mean that you should be ignoring SEO. But with paid ads, you have better chance of increasing traffic instantly.

Here are the top platforms where you can think of running paid ads:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube.

Build backlinks

Another good way to increase your site traffic is by making as many clickable links as possible. When you have tons of link pointing towards your site, you’ll surely get good amount traffic.

Backlinks will not only help you in increasing traffic but also in SEO, as there are one of the most important ranking factors.

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There number of backlinks your site have, better will its search engine rankings.

Increase CTR

A click through rate is the percentage of clicks that a link or a call to action gets. For example, 100 people see your link and 5 clicks on it then your CTR is 5% which is quite good.

Higher the CTR means people would click more on your link or CTA and would directly land on your site. This would surely increase your website’s overall traffic.

Apart from this, CTR will also help you with your SEO efforts as it will improve your sites rankings.

Following are the few tips to improve your CTR:

  • Optimize your headline and copy.
  • Add CTA.
  • Make it controversial.
  • Use numbers and facts in your title.

Publish more content

It is a proven fact that businesses who publish more blog get more traffic as compared to businesses that don’t. Also, companies who regularly publish blog generates 67% more leads as compared to companies who don’t.

Hence, it is clear that publishing more content would not only give you traffic but other added advantages as well.

Benign said that: One should not publish content just for the saake of driving traffic. Publishing quality content should be your goal as it will not only help you in driving traffic but will also help you in SEO.

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Use online forums

Online forums and discussion sites are great source of driving traffic and generating leads but they are often overlooked by marketers. When you join any forum, your goal should not only be to drive traffic by flooding it with links.

Instead, you should focus on giving value and contributing positively in each forum.

Here are the few things that you should be looking upon when using online forums:

  • Make sure forum is active and gets good amount of traffic.
  • Register using your site name, so that people can know more about it.
  • Use forum signatures as much as possible.
  • Always publish valuable content.


List your site on the directory (Google image of keywords and directories)

If you are looking for the easiest way to increase your website traffic then start leveraging online directories. Online directories are the goldmine of traffic, but make sure not to submit your site to each and every directory.


Instead, you need to focus on submitting your site into relevant directories.

For example, if you website is about digital marketing, then look for digital marketing directories.

Now the question is how do you find such directories.

Well, it is quite simple.

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You just need to type your keyworld + directories in Google. For example, your niche keyword is fashion, then type “fashion directories” in Google and you’ll get plethora of relevant directory sites.

Focus on long-tail keywords for SEO

SEO is getting competitive day by day. So, if you want to rank your website on Google then you need to be very smart while targeting keywords. It really makes no sense to target a keyword for which you won’t be able to rank your content.


This is where long-tail keywords come in play.


Long-tail keywords not only have good search volume but are also easy to rank and work on.


Moreover, this type of keyword also gives the highest conversion rate.


For are the examples of long-tail keywords:

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