E-commerce Landing Page Ideas to Help Increase Sales 

 January 20, 2022

No matter how good your marketing strategy is, if it can’t help you acquire leads and convert them into paying customers, your business won’t take off and thrive. One of the best ways to increase sales for your business is to utilize effective e-commerce landing pages.


But what are landing pages, and how can you benefit from them?


Designed to convert your website visitors into leads, a landing page will capture relevant information from your potential customers in exchange for an irresistible offer. Usually, landing pages don’t have other distractions apart from the form.


A landing page works hand in hand with the ads you’re running. For example, you’re running Google ads with a call-to-action button that leads to a landing page. Visitors will find a compelling copy that tells them about the offer and a form where they can leave their details. The information they provide with full consent will then be stored in your database, segmented according to your campaigns and objectives.


The leads are important because you will get the chance to tell them about your business and product offers and hopefully convince them to buy from you.


Many ecommerce marketing automation tools will let you see the lead generation process. You can find what offers the lead converted on, the time they converted, and their various interactions on the site.

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It’s essential to nurture the lead that you generate. However, everything starts with creating an efficient landing page that will convince your target audience to give up their information and be a part of your database.


Landing Page Best Practices


Ensure Your Headline Focuses on Benefits


A good landing page has a clear, concise, and effective headline that grabs the visitors’ attention the moment they get into the page. They often want to know what is in store for them and understand how the offer can benefit them right away. Otherwise, they will quickly leave the page without reading through the copy and checking out the form. This will affect your bounce rate and hurt the performance of your ads.


The first thing they will encounter on a landing page is the headline. You want to provide a short yet concise headline that communicates your offer straight away. Focusing on your offer will help you accomplish this. Tell your visitors in a few words the benefit they will get once they fill out the form in a few words. Position the offer as a solution to their problem.


Use an Attractive Image That Will Grab Attention


Landing pages need to be distraction-free and straightforward to be genuinely effective, but it won’t hurt to include an image that can enhance your site’s content. People nowadays are visual creatures. They want to see a visual representation of the offer. A good image should convey a specific emotion to your visitors and how they will feel once they receive the offer.

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Make Your Copy as Compelling as Possible


So you have covered your headline and image. Now, you want to maximize these elements by accompanying them with a persuasive copy. You need to sell your call to action, after all. To do that, you need your copy to be as clear and concise as your headline. It should support your headline’s message and be engaging enough to compel your visitors to read on and take action.


You have to make sure your copy is speaking directly to your visitors; using pronouns like “you” and “your” will make it sound more engaging. They will feel like you are talking to them and understand what they need. This means you have to touch on their pain points. What are they struggling against? How can your offer help them resolve this problem? You might also want to demonstrate how your offer can improve their situation and verify it with social proof.


Put Your Lead Form above the Fold


The lead form is the most crucial element of your landing page. This is where visitors will find the fields where they can key in their details. Because of this, you want your lead form to be visible and accessible from the get-go, so place the lead form above the fold. Avoid having visitors scroll all the way down the page for the form; aim to convert them right away.

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As soon as they get into your landing page, they must be able to spot the form. Another pro tip: make the form scroll with the user. The form should move with them as they scan the page.


Make Your Call to Action Stand Out


Every good landing page needs a powerful call to action. This button is the key to conversion. To ensure this, make your CTA button easily noticeable by using a color that contrasts with the other elements of your page. Prominent CTA buttons usually use red, green, yellow, and blue, but this can largely depend on the background color of your page. Make sure to increase the contrast between the button and the background to make your CTA more prominent.


Other considerations for a good CTA button include putting in an actionable call to action. What do you want your visitors to do? You might want to use verbs like “submit,” “download,” or “click.”


Ensure Your Offer Is Relevant and Useful


Much about the landing page is geared toward winning your visitors’ trust and getting their information for your database. However, you won’t succeed if your offer falls short. It’s the compelling offer that gets you the lead. Your offer should be appealing enough for visitors to give up their name and contact information readily.

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The offer must be something they can benefit from. For example, as a marketing agency, you might want to give away a free e-book about writing a compelling copy in exchange for your target audience’s information. The offer is relevant to your potential lead and your business.


Make Your Landing Page Responsive



We are living in an increasingly mobile world. Chances are, most of your customers are on their mobile devices when they surf the net. To provide them with a seamless user experience, design your landing page to allow your visitors to convert no matter what device they are using. You don’t want visitors to bounce off just because your landing page is not showing correctly on their smartphones.


Don’t Forget Your Thank-You Page


Filling out the form and clicking the CTA button are not the final part of the lead generation journey. What happens after they hit “submit”? Visitors prefer to get an acknowledgment after they accomplish an action. They want to know if they have successfully completed the form and how they will receive the offer.


That’s the role of a thank-you page. This is where you thank your recently acquired leads for taking your offer and providing their information. It’s a confirmation that you deliver on your promise by letting them know they can download the offer or get it through email. You can also use the thank-you page to pique their interest in other relevant content.

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E-commerce Landing Page Ideas to Maximize Sales


Now that you know the crucial elements to create an effective landing page, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to the best part—getting solid ideas for an effective landing page. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Showcase Your Product to Attract Visitors


If you want to quickly grab your visitors’ attention, using a unique image that demonstrates the value of your product is a good idea. Ideally, your product image must be vibrant and of high quality. It can be a close-up shot of the product or a demonstration of a key product feature.


Focus on the product features, but make it aesthetic. Make your visitors understand the value of your product offer and how they can benefit from it. Take it to another level by emphasizing the mechanics of how your products work. What makes it different? How do you use it?


Design a Clutter-Free Landing Page


Many effective landing pages are focused on one aim:  to convert visitors into leads. You can only do this if you put just one link, which directs them to your offer.


Putting other links like navigation menus on the landing page will only distract them from your main objective. They might wander away from the page and decide to explore your website instead. Remove all the other distractions on your landing page so you can draw visitors’ attention to your CTA button.

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Many e-commerce sites can benefit from executing this idea.


Consider Putting Up a Discount for the Offer


One way to entice your customers is to offer a discount. They will more readily click on your CTA when they see the value they will be getting. As they say, it sweetens the deal and makes it hard to resist. Discounts are known to improve conversions. They can be coupons that the system automatically generates after completing the form.


Discounts need not be a cynical way to attract leads. They can also be well meaning—for example, you want to extend your gratitude to interested customers, so you’re offering a discount code for their details.


Use a Compelling Video to Grab Attention


Videos are the future of content marketing. They are also proven to boost conversion and sales for many e-commerce sites. That’s because videos easily draw the eye to the landing page, and they are pretty engaging. They can inform, educate, and entertain all at once.


For businesses with technical products, a video can effectively communicate what the product is about and how it can be used. You can explain product features and uses in a way that customers can easily understand.

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Make the Offer Limited to Create Urgency


You may want to capitalize on customers’ fear of missing out by injecting a sense of urgency into your landing page’s offer by placing a time limit. When visitors see that the offer is for a limited time only, they will be more compelled to acquire it for the fear that it will expire soon.


Take advantage of special occasions to give our limited offers. For example, during your shop’s anniversary, offer a limited sale period to thank your customers.


Design a Sleek Layout with On-Brand Color Scheme


Most attractive landing pages are designed with sleek layouts that demonstrate a brand’s best point. Of course, the copy and other elements are just as important. Still, if you want to attract customers quickly, you want a professionally designed landing page that is faithful to your brand, making it easily recognizable.


You can incorporate your branding colors to make the landing page unique to your business. Ideally, you want your landing page to highlight your value proposition, and a minimalist layout can make this work.


Wrapping It Up


If you want to run truly effective ads and promotions online, it’s best to prepare a solid landing page that will generate leads for you and help convert them into paying customers. You don’t want a boilerplate copy and design that targets a general audience. An ideal landing page is designed with a specific target audience in mind and focused on a single primary goal.

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These landing page ideas can win your visitors’ attention and drive them to get your irresistible offering, allowing you to drive them on a personalized journey until they are ready to make a purchase.

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