7 Key Factors to Help You Choose a Crypto Exchange 

 September 16, 2022

Without a doubt, digitalization has aided in the rise of cryptocurrency. Trade volumes have significantly increased, indicating that many individuals have adopted the trend. The purchasing and selling of different cryptocurrencies are made possible via cryptocurrency exchanges.

In general, there are lots of swaps to pick from. Each participant (or trader) has diverse requirements, and every network is unique. As a result, not all exchanges are created equal and may not be the best option for every trader.

Depending on the requirements, individuals will tend to favor some over others. Therefore, you must seek the exchange that suits you. Procoinlist assists you in locating the top exchanges to purchase bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies based on costs, relevant aspects, payment options, and more.

Below are some essential factors to consider while picking a cryptocurrency exchange.

Crypto Options

The variety of currencies that are available for trading varies greatly between exchanges. For instance, where others may provide hundreds of coins, Coinmama only offers ten. If you’re a new trader, you’re probably only interested in Bitcoin and maybe a few other well-known currencies, so a large selection might make the platform too complicated for you. However, if you’re more knowledgeable and have the time to do your analysis, you could prefer an exchange with a wide variety of rare coins you can buy in advance.

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Knowing any exchange of interest’s reputation is critical because the crypto market is still mainly a new industry. Customers have been put in a less-than-desirable situation due to the involvement of numerous exchanges in illegal operations, hacking, and exit scams.

Research on various exchanges should be done using Google to search for them and then analyze the results. Checking the business on different social media platforms to check if any objections have been raised might also be helpful.

It might also be beneficial to review the terms and conditions for each network, keeping an eye out for anything odd or suspicious.


Cryptocurrency may appear shady to some because of the lack of state regulation. Most notable venues, like Kraken, are aware of this and take significant security measures to guard your assets against theft and preserve your personal and financial data. Look for security mechanisms like cold storage, encrypting, and two-factor authentication (2FA).

Fee Option

It’s important to note that different exchanges have different trading fees and fee structures while selecting a crypto exchange. Some exchangers provide reduced costs. This happens when an exchange’s tokens are used to finalize payments. It may also be related to the number of tokens possessed. Others just levied a processing fee on sales, allowing fee-free purchases.


User Experience and Interface

The interface design and functions are among the most crucial factors for the typical crypto trader. A developed system and a positive user experience make user actions on the exchange more knowledgeable and effective, regardless of whether you are an experienced crypto trader or purchasing bitcoin for the first time. Various people will appreciate using attractive interfaces because customer experience is a subjective concept.

Yet, in the upcoming years, the exchangers with the “best” user experiences will witness the most growth in trading volume. Exchanges can increase their user counts and trades by improving their customer experience because their worth is primarily based on the number of users they have. Given that they give customers free tokens in return for using their platform.

Backed Tokens

Most platforms support Bitcoin and Ethereum, but cryptocurrency investors know this is just the start. The supporting cryptocurrencies differ greatly between exchanges; some, like Binance, only support four major cryptocurrencies, while Coinbase supports many alternative cryptos.

With “stable currencies” traders frequently utilize as insurance against the volatility in the crypto space, you could further manage your bets. For instance, TrueUSD is a virtual currency directly monetized by a network of banks and supported by the US dollar. Token owners are given legal security through custodial accounts, and direct financing ensures that the corporation never has direct access to cash. The custodian accounts also provide complete legal protection and allow for routine monitoring.

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TrueUSD provides a uniform, stable market across all digital exchanges because it is supported by the United States $. A new option is urgently needed as Tether, the current USD stablecoin, was subpoenaed by the SEC.

Fiat Exchange

At a certain point during their careers, traders and financiers will probably need a fiat-compatible exchange that enables them to move national currencies (such as USD, CAD, etc.) into the cryptocurrency world for trading usage and out of the crypto market to cash out winnings.

Some exchanges offer various fiat choices that comply with financial institutions, while others do not. It could be required to check which bank exchanges accept and the categories of fiat money that can be traded.


Every transaction could operate differently. Each has unique requirements, procedures, and service costs. You can select the option that best suits your needs using the essential features mentioned above. Additionally, consider investigating as many platforms as possible and give yourself time to understand before jumping in.


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