Why Do We Put On Wedding and Engagement Rings on Our Left Hands? 

 August 10, 2022

Since the onset of the 21st century, many youngsters have grown up seeing wedding rings on the left hand. Of course, this also applies to proposal rings that may be made with diamond, gold, or platinum. But, whatever nature, it still leaves us wondering why.

This is even stranger since these questions don’t seem to apply to other forms of jewelry. For example, earring studs, tennis bracelets, bangles, other rings, and so on aren’t worn on the left side alone. To answer this question, let’s go back to ancient history.

History of Proposal Rings and Wedding Bands for Women

Going down the timeline to Ancient Egypt, we find that the tradition of ring wearing gets its roots from here. There was a belief that a vein they termed “the vein of love” appeared on the left hand.

The name of this popular vein is vena amoris. The vena amoris ran down the fourth finger, now popularly known as the “ring finger”. Because of this vein, marital unions between two people who are in love are symbolized by putting a ring on this finger. Thus Ancient Egyptians were believed to be the first ones to adopt the wearing of engagement rings and wedding bands on the left hand.

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The vein of love contributes to any wedding jewelry on the left ring fingers we see today. Also, this vein has made a template for how men make proposals.

The circular nature of these diverse wedding rings for women also has significance. It represents the uniqueness of the unique union. Also, the hole or center where the finger passes through symbolizes a portal. In this portal is a whole new life. This life is full of beautiful expectations as the couple journey through it.

With this playback on history, you can get comfortable with your beautiful rings. You can also decide to wear your rings as you please, whether they have diamond studs or not. You can also place them on any hand you choose.

Proposal and Wedding Rings in the 21st Century

The culture of engagement rings and wedding bands is now an accepted way to declaration of love. We see this act in European countries. It is also popular across the American continent as the profession of love seems incomplete without rings.


The ancient culture has, in recent times, turned the regular ring into a beautiful piece of item on the fingers of ladies. Plus, there is an upgrade to the design of these rings. Now, rings are carefully crafted with diamonds, gold, platinum, and other precious stones.

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In general, the creation of these pieces of jewelry could be handcrafted or made in a lab. For example, there are lab-grown diamonds with all sorts of diamond styles. In addition, engagement rings are not left out as there are many engagement ring settings.

The Controversy of Wearing Rings

The wearing of rings is not only a proclamation of love; in today’s world, it is also a fashion trend. Ladies who are unmarried or in a relationship with a promise ring are not left out in wearing rings.

They can still wear rings of various diamond cuts with all sorts of diamond shapes and styles. However, with this fashion trend, some individuals feel it does not carry the weight of love as it so appears.

Other regions like India believe the right hand should bear the ring. The reason is that they believe that the left hand is unclean.

This practice is also similar to the Orthodox Christians. But, the reason for wearing rings on the right hand is different. They are of the option that the left is in collaboration with malicious activities. They have a school of thought that the left hand is evil enough and will corrupt the purity of the union.

In African nations, some cultures do not need the presence of a ring to solemnize a union. Instead, they have symbolic items they feel are enough to join two people together.

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Keeping cultures and belief systems aside, some people do not feel a wedding ring is enough. They feel that a piece of metal or band is not enough to quantify the love they feel for their partner.

Some other people’s reason for not wearing rings is that they are not jewelry inclined. They feel uncomfortable with a piece of metal constricting a body part of theirs. Allergy is another reason for not dressing up with rings. It might sound unreasonable, but there are people with that sort of skin sensitivity.

The Ring Itself

Leaving the origin of rings and the controversies, we need to know the diverse kinds of rings. Knowledge of these rings is vital before the debate of where to place that ring. So let’s take a case study of diamond rings.

Every diamond jewelry has its unique setting. It may be a pave setting, a solitaire setting, or a side setting. Now, let’s observe the differences. The metal has little diamonds inscribed in pave setting styles. Meanwhile, the solitaire setting uses a prong to hold one central diamond in place. Also, side settings have smaller diamonds around the central diamond.

It would be best if you also noted how to clean your proposal and wedding rings. Ignorance of this could cause you to lose the shine and luxury feel of your diamond studs or precious stone.

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You could start the cleaning process by soaking your diamond in warm water. Avoid hard water by all means. Be cautious when cleaning and use a gentle brush. The brush aids in the removal of intricate stains that are hard to reach.

Be careful not to use harsh cleaning agents such as acetone, chlorine, and baking soda. Nonabrasive cleaners are the best choice. They do not have corroding tendencies. An example of such cleaners is dishwashing liquid. Note, contact a professional jeweler if cleaning your diamond becomes a challenge.


It doesn’t matter the origin and why we wear rings on the left hand. All that matters is what you believe and where you feel comfortable wearing your rings. For instance, women can choose to wear lab-grown diamond engagement rings on any hand of their choice. So it could be on the left or right hand.

If you feel a ring is too small to quantify your love, you can choose to go without it. Also, if you have a skin allergy to the metal or stones used to make rings, you can do without it as it is not mandatory.


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