Why do we need public-key cryptography to improve security? 

 July 27, 2021

After spending about two decades with the e signature online app, we can claim that it has made our lives easier. It is because the documentation processes have been improved a lot. Therefore, many highly regulated industries like financial services, government institutions, banking, healthcare, automobile, and real estate have started living in a paperless environment. Their management knows that adopting these apps have made their processes efficient and improved the security of documents. Furthermore, they can present electronic signature contracts anywhere as electronic signatures are considered legal and legitimate in all courts.

As electronic signatures are in use for years now, and many companies are regular users of these services, we can say that their acceptance level will be higher than the newbies when they know that some advancements have been implemented. However, the service providers must guide businesses about new technology and its top features. These features are essential to create customized contracts.

True digital signatures, or we can say advanced digital signature online solutions offer data privacy, security, protection, and legal evidence that are matchless. It means that you are enjoying the highest levels of security for your documents. However, companies are not aware of this technology and the procedure behind it. In the following post, we will discuss it in detail

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What is public key infrastructure of e signature online app?

It is what is behind the security of the best e signature online app that creates a difference. The experts say that it is underpinning electronic signature online solutions technologically. We call it PKI. To make it possible, public key infrastructure uses a specially designed asymmetric key-pair encryption. In this way, the system generates two cryptographic keys. We can remember these keys with the names of primary and public keys.

We also need to understand the difference between the two. Public keys are those particular ones that we do not need to keep confidential and can share with anyone. On the other hand, it is a must to keep private keys confidential in any case. It is the responsibility of the key owner to take care of the private key efficiently. It is because non-repudiation and sender authenticity depend on the private key. However, before everything, it is necessary to verify the individual’s identity and confirm it. For that, many certification authorities issue digital certificates.

Characteristics of cryptographic keys

Some specific characteristics make this pair of keys a unique combination to improve security. For example, there is a mathematical relationship between the two. It means that no one cannot create a specific key without another. More interestingly, it is next to impossible to develop a specific key without the availability of another one. Simply, having a public key cannot help you calculate a private key by any means.

Another important aspect in this regard is that both these keys are inverse in functionality. In this way, if a private key performs a specific function, only the public key undo and vice versa. Generally, we use a private key to sign and decrypt the document or a message. On the other hand, the public key is for encryption and verification.

Steps follow for e signature online app

Here are a few steps to follow to complete the process for digital signature online PDF or any other format by using cryptographic keys:

  •         All individuals or representatives of companies can apply for a digital certificate from a specific certification authority.
  •         The certification authority has the responsibility to get proofs and verifications from these individuals before issuing the digital certificate.
  •         Another responsibility of the certification authority is to publish digital certificates to Repository.
  •         When there is a need to sign the documents digitally, the individual signs the document by using the private key. In this way, we ensure message integrity, sender authority, and non-repudiation. After that, he sends the document.
  •         The next step in this regard is that a receiving party collects the document. After that, it verifies the digital signature by using public keys. Here, the receiving party sends the document to the repository to verify and validate the digital certificate of the individual.
  •         After checking the status of results related to the certificate, the repository returns results to verify the individuals.

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Understanding digital certificates

When we create customized contracts to sign the documents digitally, it is necessary to mention that improved cybersecurity is a must. We can achieve this target only by using E-Signature online app. Another important aspect in this regard is that many industries have been facing significant risks of attacks, spam, and viruses. Using the best E Signature App can help minimize these risks to make your documentation processes protected and safe.

Here, it is necessary to mention that advanced digital signature online apps use cryptographic keys to maximize the protection of documents. In this way, they can make the contracts inaccessible to unauthorized individuals, parties, or programs. For that, they use cryptographic keys. In this post, we have discussed some details that will help you understand cryptographic keys, their working, and their benefits for your software business. So, we are hopeful that it will help you understand the technology and incorporate it into your organization.

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