What is the best online slot to play? 

 May 27, 2022

The level of quality with slot games online UK from slot sites seems to be getting higher and higher with each passing year.

What makes a good Online Slot

When deciding what is the best online slot to play, there are several factors which players need to consider. The first is who has developed the slot. Was it made by a reputable developer, perhaps it was even made by an up and coming developer. The developer of a slot can give a good indication of what to expect as some developers focus more on gameplay whilst others prefer innovative designs and graphics. Another thing that makes a slot stand out is a good theme, whilst slots with good gameplay will always rise to the top even if they have a mediocre theme there is something eye-catching about a unique theme. As there are more brand new releases than ever before, having a unique theme can really help a slot to stand out from the others.

Online Slots to Play

With each passing year, there are a whole host of quality releases which players need to try!

1.    Blown Away

Featuring a fun animal theme and engaging bonus features, this slot was developed by Lightning Box and it promises to bring players vast amounts of fun. Blown Away uses graphics which create a fun and inviting feel to the game, players will particularly enjoy trying to increase the win multiplier feature as they have to sweep a cow up of it’s hooves! Players should be looking to trigger the array of bonus features this slot has including the tornado respin feature, free spins bonus game and the blown away jackpot which has the potential to increase your stake 900x!

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2.   Kalahari Safari

Also developed by Lightning Box Games, this slot features four rows, five reels and over 1,000 different ways to win! As the Kalahari desert is in south Western Africa, the game has done a stellar job in capturing the unique design of the side of the Continent. The background does a great job of capturing the beauty of this landscape and the animals used as symbols on the reels are rendered in a realistic yet artful style.

Things to Lookout for

There are so many online slots to choose from, what a certain player prefers will almost certainly depend on their personal preference. There are several things which players can lookout for which will help them in making a decision.

  • Slot volatility, the higher the volatility the more risk there is while playing.
  • Amount of paylines, most slots have a fixed number of paylines although some will allow players to choose their own amount.
  • Bonuses on offer, the bonus features of a slot are important. A good bonus can end up increasing a player’s winnings.

Final Thoughts

While it can be hard trying to decide whether a brand new slot is a future classic or not, the chances are that you will end up enjoying the game anyway.

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