Ways To Check The Variety Of High-Quality Slot Games With Accurate RTP 

 September 18, 2023


When it comes to online slot games, a savvy player knows that not all slots are created equal. The Return to Player (RTP) % of the game is one of the most dominant variables in the likelihood of frequent victories. The RTP is a statistical indicator of the proportion of all bets that a slot machine will eventually return to players. Higher RTP slots are often more attractive as they theoretically offer better returns. Here are some ways to check the variety of high-quality slotsuper games with accurate RTP.

Do Your Homework

The very first step is research. Many online platforms, gambling blogs, and forums provide comprehensive lists of slot games along with their RTP percentages. This information is valuable when choosing a slot game that fits your quality and potential profitability.

Check the Developer’s Reputation

The reputation of a slot game’s developer has a significant impact on the quality of the game. Well-known companies like Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech often produce games with high RTP percentages, impressive graphics, and fair gameplay. When you stick with reputable developers, you’re more likely to find a selection of high-quality slots with accurate RTPs.

Read Player Reviews and Forums

While expert reviews provide good insights, player reviews, and discussions can be equally informative. Online forums and social media groups dedicated to online gambling often share real experiences and valuable tips about specific slot games. Hearing from those who have actually played the game can give you an idea of how true-to-life the advertised RTP is.

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Consult the Game’s Paytable

Once you’ve shortlisted some potential games, take the time to consult their pay tables. Often accessed within the game through settings or the help button, the paytable shows you the winning combinations and special features and includes the RTP percentage.

Check Multiple Online Casinos

Different casinos may offer different RTPs for the same game because the game designer gives players a selection of return percentages to pick from. You can determine the most advantageous settings by comparing the RTP of a specific slot machine at various casinos.

Keep Up With Industry News

Game developers often release new titles with competitive RTP percentages to attract players. Keeping up with industry news can help you take advantage of high-RTP games as soon as they hit the market.

Watch Gameplay Videos

You may find reviews and videos of slot machine gaming on additional websites like slotsuper and YouTube channels. You may learn more about the features, playability, and RTP by watching them. Some reviewers calculate the RTP based on their gameplay sessions to provide more accurate information.


Determining the RTP of a slot game isn’t just a numbers game; it involves a multi-pronged approach that considers various factors, from the developer’s reputation to player reviews to third-party audits. By following these guidelines, you can sift through the vast array of slot games to find those that offer both high quality and a favourable RTP, enhancing your gameplay experience and chances of winning.

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