Top Kid-Friendly Airlines For Your Next Flight To India 

 December 2, 2021

Whether you have a two-year-old or a 12-year-old, air travel with children can be challenging. Here are three ways to help make the journey more enjoyable. If you consider jumping-starting your next family vacation with a flight aboard one of these international airlines, this is the way to go!

Traveling with children can be difficult, but if you have a reliable airline on your side, you’ll have a lot less trouble. So, when you need cheap flights to India with your kids, you need to get complete information on the best airlines.

Traveling long distances with kids doesn’t have to be difficult with plenty of international options available. Airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Emirates, and Aer Lingus offer incentives for all ages, such as priority boarding, kid-friendly entertainment, or free swag!

Although these opinions are often subjective, you should remember that one family may have a fantastic experience with an airline, while another family may have a different view. They are determined to admit their mistakes and constantly strive to make up for them, making these airlines stand out. You can expect a smooth experience from takeoff to touchdown and beyond.

  • Lufthansa

Among the best airlines for kids, Lufthansa consistently scores high marks with parents. This airline services JFK, Heathrow, Los Angeles International Airport, and numerous other destinations around the United States and Europe from its hubs in Frankfurt and Munich.

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Parents can set up their children’s accounts on the JetFriends website before boarding, where they can play games and watch cartoons. Children can also play in play areas at specific airports, such as Frankfurt and Munich.

During the flight, in-flight entertainment provides appropriate programming for children of different ages. Aside from coloring books and model trains, flight attendants also give the kids activities.

Delicious dishes such as lasagna are on the children’s menu as well. Kids who have logged information about the flight can even trade it in for an official pilot certificate at the end of the flight!

Having preference while boarding can be very comforting when you’re traveling with children. With Lufthansa, you can get the best and cheap flights to India at cheap rates.

  • British Airways

Among the airlines that offer priority boarding to families that have children, it is British Airways. It is a very good idea to book flight tickets online through British Airways. Additionally, the policy of the airline is that the children should be fed before anyone else.

In addition, they provide toys for children, and the toys are all tailored in accordance with the ages of the children.

You enjoy coloring books, puzzles, and riddles with your little ones. Furthermore, infants travel for simply 10% of what the adult fare costs if accompanied by an adult. However, this only applies if they are carried and seated on an adult’s lap. Your infant will be charged 75% of the adult fare if you need a seat on your cheap flights to India.

  • Emirates
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Emirates tops our list of recommendations when traveling internationally with children. Families traveling from Dubai International Airport to Heathrow or JFK can check-in or check their bags a day in advance, as well as take advantage of the family-designated check-in counter.

The family-designated counter features priority boarding for families! The kids will receive an “Emirates Fly With Me” stuffed animal accompanied by a Lonely Planet amenities kit when they fly. Among the perks are a complimentary travel bag and several crafts, books, and journals.

There is a wide variety of kid-friendly meals available, from chicken tenders to pasta. Kids can also enjoy fruit snacks and cookies as mid-flight snacks. Children’s headphones allow them to enjoy Disney movies and other inflight entertainment in the comfort of their seats.

Sign your kids up for the Emirates Sky Surfer Program, where they can earn points and eventually redeem them for various prizes, including iPods and tickets to waterparks.

  • United Airlines

United Airlines offers a lot of family-friendly perks, including priority boarding for families with children under the age of 2. The kid’s snack box includes healthy options, a children’s activity book, and Ben Flyin the Adventure Bear for those who don’t want to prepare food.

United offers business class travelers access to the Polaris Lounge in San Francisco, Houston, New York/Newark, and Los Angeles for those looking to spend a little more. Gourmet buffets, charging stations, relaxation rooms, and even showers are available at every lounge.

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Wrapping It Up!

When you are a parent, you should know how vital family-friendly airlines are. This is your deciding factor in most cases, especially if you need to take a long-haul flight with your children.

In case your child is not comfortable, traveling with your tiny tots can be a harrowing experience. Thanks to several airlines these days, traveling with kids is becoming easier than ever before.

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