Things Online Casino Player Should Know About RTP and Volatility 

 February 9, 2023

Volatility and RTP are negatively connected. It indicates that if the RTP increases, so does the volatility, and vice versa. A game with an rtp such as  cek rtp live of 95%. For example, it is likely to be low volatile, but a game with an RTP of 80% is uncertain.

Volatility vs Return on Investment:

Slot volatility refers to how frequently a slot pays out, whereas rtp like cek rtp live refers to how much a casino game pays back to players. An RTP of 90%, for example, indicates that the slot pays out $90 in wins for every $100 spent. Both high and low-volatility slits can have an RTP of 90%. RTP, like volatility, is an average and does not guarantee results. Even with a slot’s RTP of 90%, you might lose your whole bankroll – or you could win the million-dollar progressive jackpot.


It is significant since it allows you to select casino slots online that are appropriate for your playing style. If you want regular little wins, seek games with a high RTP and minimal volatility – this is considered the safest strategy. However, if you want to win large, you should opt for the finest online slots with more volatility. These are riskier games, but they have the potential to pay out enormous sums of money.

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How to Win More Real Money Playing Online Slots?

Now that you understand RTP and volatility, you can utilise it to select the best Canadian slots online and place better bets. We will look at some advice for increasing your chances of winning. Among them are the following:


  • Seek for games with a high RTP. These are the safest games to play and provide the highest long-term chances of winning money.
  • It is critical to gamble on all pay lines when playing online slots in Canada.
  • Select an advantageous location. Choose a gaming website that provides rewards like bonuses and free spins. These can help you build your bankroll and boost your chances of winning real money at online slots. Before claiming bonuses, read the terms and conditions since some will have wagering restrictions.
  • It provides the finest opportunity because you get to hit a winning combination. Your odds get substantially reduced if you wager on one payline.

Slot machines must pay at least 70% of the time:

When playing online slots, you may see the initials RTP. These letters stand for Return to Player and refer to the amount of money projected to be paid based on player stakes. The UK Gambling Commission has mandated that all online casinos set a minimum RTP of 70%, which means that for every £1.00 wagered, an average of £70 must get paid back. That is the predetermined figure. But it is simply an average. If we look at some random slots, King of Atlantis has an RTP of 96.14%, King Kong Fury has an RTP of 96.703%, and our most popular game, Koi Princess, has an RTP of 96.23%. Those results are much over the minimum of 70%, and the average RTP for our slots is a healthy 97%.

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