The Top Free Software Choices For Starter Businesses 

 November 23, 2022


The Top Free Software Worth Using


One of the most important keys to success for starter businesses is learning how to properly manage capital. It might seem obvious at first, but a lot of people attempting to start a business will go bankrupt before they ever even get a chance to find any true success, and it’s often to a mishandling of their available capital.


Most businesses have no problem paying for software, often writing it off as nothing more than a necessary expensive, kind of like paying for electricity. And depending on what software is needed and how many employees there are, it can costs many thousands of dollars to get the right software up and running.


Thankfully, there’s a second option: free software. There is a lot of free software available online that’s created by highly talented developers that often only ask for donations in compensation, and the software that they develop is perfectly usable for small to medium businesses.


Office Software


Of course, no modern business would be able to conduct much business with some office tools at their disposal. For many, this would involve either having to purchase licences for everyone who needs something like Microsoft Office, or to subscribe to Microsoft 365, another cost that the starter business might not be able to handle.

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Instead, free software is available for business usage, with the best right now being LibreOffice. It’s incredibly easy to use, it supports the same formats as Microsoft’s office software, and it contains much of the same functionality and sometimes even more. There’s also OpenOffice, which is designed to be an alternative to Google’s suite of browser-based office tools, except OpenOffice works in tandem with Nextcloud.


Linux Mint


When it comes to operating systems, most people are comfortable with Windows – but Windows costs money to renew, and sometimes a user has no choice but to purchase a new licence key when they upgrade to a new computer. Linux Mint, on the other hand, is a mature, powerful, and highly recommended operating system that will work on most modern computers.


As stated by the Linux Mint website, the operating system is free to use even on a commercial level, making it a fantastic alternative to Microsoft Windows. There are also other Linux distributions to choose from that might work better depending on what a business is selling, but Linux Mint remains a good choice for most general computer usage, from office work, to streaming, to playing live casino roulette online to whatever the computer might be needed for.

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Hiring a third-party accounting firm is extremely expensive, and a small business will usually have to do their own accounting. There’s a lot of paid software that can do this, but when on a tight budget, it’s better to use well-known and popular free accounting software.


This is where GnuCash comes in. It’s easy-to-use and professional accounting software that’s completely free to download and use. It offers everything a small business could need to keep a close eye on their monthly income and expenses all in a single place.

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