The Mobile Legends Heroes’ Capabilities and Powers 

 November 21, 2022

The enemy’s base must be destroyed in order to win the game. With five players on each team, the game is played in three lanes top, middle, and bottom. There are three towers in each lane that need to be taken out. In the game, there is also a jungle section with monsters that are neutral and can be killed for gold and experience. In order to win the game, your team must either destroy the opposing team’s base or score more points than they do by eliminating adversary players and demolishing towers.

Five different players, each with their own skills and talents, make up each team. The position each hero fills in the team is based on their skills and talents. In Mobile Legends new heroes, the four primary classes are Fighter, Marksman, Assassin, and Mage.


Some Mobile Legends Heroes and Abilities

  • Guinevere

Guinevere, a hybrid warrior and magician excels at dealing deadly combos that render her opponents helpless. With the ultimate talent of Violet Requiem, she may lock adversaries in an airborne position while dealing continuous hits. She can start a fight by using Spatial Migration to launch enemies into the air.


Guinevere’s Energy Wave skill, plus the fact that her Super Magic passive skill deals more damage to opponents in the air, allows her to perform stronger and faster assaults. To optimize Guinevere’s potency, equip her with items such as Calamity Reaper, Holy Crystal, and Fleeting Time, which increase magical damage and shorten cool-down intervals.

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  • Harith

Harith, a mage who enjoys close combat and quick hit-and-run assaults, was created to challenge the traditional expectations of the mage profession.


Harith can dart about the battlefield while gaining more protection and dealing more damage thanks to his signature move, Chrono Dash. This is further enhanced by the ultimate ability of Zaman Force, which enables Harith to utilize Chrono Dash several times while also slowing down foes. To get the most out of Harith, equip him with Magic Shoes and the Calamity Reaper because skill cool-down intervals affect both his survival and strength. Feather of Heaven and Holy Crystal can increase his lethality, and Oracle can prolong his life late in the game.

  • Esmeralda

Esmeralda takes away from what she provides. Esmeralda, a tank/mage hybrid character, can grant a shield to adversaries and then take it back, enhancing her own shield and healing herself in the process.


All of this makes Esmeralda nearly impossible to defeat, even while her Stardust Dance and Falling Starmoon abilities deal physical and magical damage to enemies around. To get the most out of Esmeralda, equip her with items such as the Calamity Reaper, Feather of Heaven, Genius Wand, and Queen’s Wings, which improve her sustained damage output and durability.

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  • Lesley

Lesley, a lone wolf sniper who combines the skills of a marksman and an assassin, excels in the middle of the game. Lesley can dash closer to opponents while remaining invisible with the aid of her unique ability, Master of Camouflage, before unleashing a devastating shot.


Her Ultimate Snipe skill frequently catches enemies off guard when they think they can flee from her because it deals extra damage to wounded foes at an unlimited range. Lesley can also use a Tactical Grenade to escape if danger arises. Lesley should be geared up with equipment like Swift Boots, Windtalker, and Berserker’s Fury that increase burst damage and speed. In the meantime, Endless Battle and Blade of the Heptaseas perfectly complement her abilities.

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