The Benefits of Single Storey Homes 

 February 26, 2022

When looking into buying a home, you have so many different options available to you; the choices are truly endless. But one of the biggest decisions you can make is choosing between a double storey home design and a single storey house design.

At Kurmond Complete, we have designed dozens of house plans for single storeys, which can be viewed on our website along with a wide array of other home designs. We also offer home and land packages in Sydney. In this article, we’ll focus on the benefits that a single storey home may have to offer you and why you may want to choose to invest in a single storey house design in Sydney!

Family Friendly

If you’re looking at buying a family home, a single storey home is usually the safest option. Stairs can prove dangerous when you have kids or elderly grandparents living with you or even just visiting for the day. The same goes for if you have anyone in your family who has a wheelchair or a walking stick. You may also find that a single storey is better and safer for pets. Many injuries take place every year on the stairs in people’s homes, so investing in a single storey home eliminates this danger.

The stairs are not the only risk, as the height of second storey balconies and windows can also be problematic in certain family situations.

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Open Living

Single storey homes are also often more likely to offer that open plan living that so many of us are after, especially when comparing it to the square foot of a double storey. Double storeys can often feel a little scraped, with the rooms being more divided up. Single storeys usually need bigger lots to cater to the bigger floor plans and offer more outdoor living space. It is much easier to achieve open living spaces with a single storey home.

Less Maintenance

Anyone who owns a double or triple storey home will tell you that the maintenance can be a true headache. For example, cleaning professionals often need to be called in to wash windows and the exterior of the home’s upper floors, whereas owning a single storey home means that you can take care of a lot of the maintenance on your own without the added cost. Maintaining a multi-storey home can also be expensive because electrical and other systems may prove more complicated to fix than a single storey home.

Low Cost

While it is obviously not always the case, single storey homes can be cheaper to purchase. This is mostly due to the fact that they are often cheaper to build than multi-storey homes, which require more time and different sorts of structures.

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More Privacy

When you have bedrooms and living spaces that are on the second storey, you may have to give up a little of your privacy, depending on your lot. Neighbours, and even those walking by on the road, may be able to see up into your home, especially when the lights are on and even if you have fairly high walls. You may have to look into investing in foliage and other ways to maintain your privacy.

On the other hand, your privacy is far more attainable with a single storey home without costly solutions.

Easier To Resell

Because of all of the advantages and benefits offered by single storey homes, they are often easier to sell than multi-store homes, making single storey homes a fantastic investment for the future. Depending on how well you maintain your home, as well as a wide variety of other factors, you shouldn’t have to wait too long to find the right buyer for your property should you want to sell a little later down the line.

Are you looking for home and land packages in Sydney? Kurmond Complete offers not just home plans for single storeys but even acreage home designs, granny flat construction and everything in between. What sets us apart from our competitors is our experience and ability to provide you with the whole package. Get in touch with us today should you have any questions about our comprehensive services that include single storey home designs in Sydney.

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