Should You Upgrade with Car Splitter? Here’s What You Need to Know 

 April 16, 2021

No matter how aesthetically pleasing your car is, there will still come a time that you’re going to upgrade it to make it even sleeker and more efficient. For most true car heads, that’s just how it is.

Car upgrades and modes are no joke. They can take up so much of your time and budget just planning for it, looking for and purchasing the material, and installing the actual piece onto your car.

If you’re just a young gun in the game, you might find yourself scouring the internet and every car body shop for the best upgrade for your ride. Well, look no further. In this piece we’re going to talk about car splitters, the basics, and ultimately, why you should buy them and why you shouldn’t.

But first.

What are car lip kits?

Car splitters are custom upgrades that can be found on the bottom of the front bumper. They can also be called front spoilers sometimes because they function like a spoiler, but are attached to the front. But more on that later.

Car splitters are normally made out of carbon fibre or other durable materials. If needed, support rods are used to connect the bumper and splitter.

car lip kits

So how does a car splitter work?

Think of the car splitter as a rigid extension of the front bumper that redirects the airflow upwards. Especially if you’re cruising at high speeds. If you upgrade your ride with a splitter, what happens is that the high air pressure pressing against your car will be forced to go upward. The air simply cannot go underneath because of the splitter.

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This allows the vehicle to have more traction, therefore better performance. If car splitters in front won’t satisfy your need for speed, you can also install splitters on the sides of your car, as well.

Difference between a car splitter and a lip kit

There’s no denying what a car splitter can bring to the table, performance and style-wise. But if you’re just starting and looking for a cheaper alternative, you might be better off with a lip kit.

Heads up, they’re different types of upgrade but they work almost the same. Lip kits are also installed on front bumpers and can also affect your car’s traction and aerodynamics positively.

Lip kits are also easier to install compared to car splitters. If you think you can install the lip kit, you can go for it since the process is not that complicated. But if you’re a newbie, we still advise you to call the experts for help.

When it comes to durability, both upgrade pieces could last long. The difference that can affect their wear and tear resistance is the materials used for each component. Car splitters are normally made of carbon fibre, fibreglass, and aluminite. While lip kits are usually made of very strong rubber.

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Now you know car splitters are much pricier than lip kits. But style-wise, most riders prefer the sleek finish of the splitters.

So what should you buy?

If you’re torn between the two, you must weigh all the advantages and disadvantages before making any purchase. You can interview fellow car heads to see if there are any issues or problems that they are experiencing with their car splitter or lip kit.

You can also ask for recommendations from them or the big names of custom cars and local mechanics in your area.

From there you can make your own assessment of each car mod. Keep in mind that this is your ride, so no matter what others say, it’s only your final word that will matter. Just use the experiences of others as a guide for you to come up with the best decision.

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