Know the Ingredients for Creating an Effective Meme 

 November 9, 2021

Memes are created and shared in huge numbers every day. Some stay, and some disappear. But whatever their survival status may be, they do not fail to make people laugh. It is the most shareable web content designed in the form of an image, video clips, or GIFs with witty taglines. Memes have the potential to influence us in myriad ways. They can –

  • serve as a coping strategy
  • grow awareness about various issues
  • provide insight about social concerns using subtle humor
  • as an effective communication tool for many who think or suffer alike
  • Act as agents in letting people know about the current events of the world.

Due to their humorous portrayal, grave issues become easy to deal with. Memes always do not depict serious problems. A meme can cover anything and everything under this earth. People have started to use them for business purposes. When a meme is being used as a business strategy, you have to be extra careful while creating it. As witnessed, some may stay and also go viral. Your business tactic will thus become successful. But it may disappear as well. That is a situation you would like to avoid for sure. There are four ingredients that you would need while making a successful meme. They are discussed as follows.

  • Be witty
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The prime criterion behind meme-making is to be silly and funny. That is the surface connotation. Behind being silly, you have to be witty to gain prominence in the mainstream media. To get an idea of how wittiness plays an important role in creating a meme, you can visit the pages of Meme Scout. The subject of your meme need not be serious. But the tagline or the commentary attached to it needs to be clean and keen so that it can draw the people’s eyes and become shareable content. They will be able to connect the meme with your brand instantly, and thus your business will gain visibility through the success of your memes.

  • Know how to hijack viral memes

Creating memes out of already viral memes is called memejacking. Learn to access the trends in the meme culture and hijack a meme at the point of it getting viral. Add your unique touch to it before letting it out into the media. You can create your brand’s voice by memejacking.

  • The meme must be relatable to your brand

Making a meme that mirrors your brand should always be your objective. A study by Facebook shows that posting content related to your brand is one of the best ways to drive traffic towards your business. It holds ground for the marketing channels because your target audience will always try to relate your content with your business expertise. So, whatever your meme maybe, connect it back to your brand.

  • Study the ongoing trends in social media and take help if necessary
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Studying the trends will give you an idea about what is being liked and shared by the people at present. If you feel you do not have the right experience or means to develop a meme campaign for your brand, seek help from reputed meme makers.


A business-oriented meme must be short and to the point. The content has to be such that people can relate to it and consider it to be shared. The meme should resonate with your business goal clearly. Add humor to them in such a way that they hit the right audience effectively.

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