Kerri Green: How Much is the ‘Goonies’ Star Worth Today? 

 March 11, 2023


Kerri Green is an American actress, writer, and director best known for her role as Andy Carmichael in the 1985 film, ‘The Goonies.’ The movie was a massive hit, and Kerri Green’s performance received critical acclaim, making her a beloved icon of the 80s.

But what happened to Kerri Green after ‘The Goonies’? Is she still acting, and if so, how much is she worth today? In this blog post, we will explore these questions and more, as we take a closer look at the life and career of Kerri Green.

Early Life

Kerri Green was born on January 14, 1967, in Fort Lee, New Jersey. She began her acting career in the early 80s when she appeared in a television commercial for Burger King. She then went on to star in a few small films before landing the role of Andy Carmichael in ‘The Goonies.’

The Goonies

‘The Goonies’ is a classic adventure-comedy film that follows a group of children on a treasure hunt to save their homes from being demolished. Kerri Green’s portrayal of Andy Carmichael, the love interest of one of the main characters, is still remembered by fans of the movie to this day.

Other Acting Roles

After ‘The Goonies,’ Kerri Green continued acting and appeared in a few other movies and TV shows. Some of her notable performances include her role as Maggie in the TV series ‘Mad About You’ and her appearance in the movie ‘Lucas.’ However, she eventually shifted her focus away from acting and began pursuing other interests.

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Writing and Directing Career

Kerri Green has had great success as a writer and director in recent years. She wrote and directed the 2015 indie film ‘Bellyfruit’ and has also directed several episodes of various TV shows. Her abilities as a writer and director have been praised by many, and she continues to work in the industry today.

Net Worth

Kerri Green’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. While this figure is not as high as some of her fellow actors from the 80s, it is still an impressive sum, considering the fact that she has shifted her focus away from acting.


1. What is Kerri Green doing now?
Kerri Green is still working in the entertainment industry as a writer and director.

2. What was Kerri Green’s breakout role?
Kerri Green’s breakout role was her portrayal of Andy Carmichael in ‘The Goonies.’

3. What other movies has Kerri Green appeared in?
Kerri Green has appeared in several other movies, including ‘Lucas’ and ‘Summer Rental.’

4. What TV shows has Kerri Green appeared in?
Kerri Green has appeared in several TV shows, including ‘Mad About You’ and ‘ER.’

5. How much is Kerri Green worth?
Kerri Green’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.

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6. Has Kerri Green won any awards?
Kerri Green has not won any major acting awards, but her work as a writer and director in recent years has received critical acclaim.

7. What other interests does Kerri Green have besides acting?
Kerri Green is interested in photography and has exhibited her work in several galleries. She is also an advocate for women’s rights issues.


Kerri Green may have started her career as an actress, but she has since transitioned into a successful writer and director. While her net worth may not be as high as some of her fellow 80s actors, she has found happiness and success in her current pursuits. It’s inspiring to see someone follow their passions and achieve success in multiple fields. Who knows what the future holds for Kerri Green? One thing is for sure; we’ll be watching.

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