Indian defence forces: Perfect Guide to Crack the SSB Interviews 

 August 10, 2021

Lakhs of youngsters have undying passion to enter the Indian defence forces. Do you think it’s easy to join the defence forces? Most probably not ! You need to channel through the written examinations as well as arduous SSB interviews. A majority of candidates easily crack the written examinations, but fail to qualify the SSB interview. The Service Selection Board (SSB) conducts these interviews to assess the physical and mental strength of candidates. No doubt, candidates need to work from their fingers to bones while preparing for the defence exams. If you need splendid guidance to prepare for SSB interviews, then go through this article scrupulously.  

You can join the defence forces by cracking exams like NDA, CDS, AFCAT etc. Are you aiming to join the defence forces after 12th class? If yes, then cracking the NDA exam can help you enter the forces. Preparing for this exam through self study is a bit hard. So, candidates can connect with the best nda coaching center in chandigarh.

Here are some powerful tips that can help you crack the tough SSB interviews:

To crack the NDA, AFCAT or CDS exam, you need to clear the SSB interview also. Defence aspirants need to be potential enough to clear the SSB interview. 

  • Note down details of SSB interview

SSB interview is not like other interviews. This is a full-fledged procedure that runs for at least five days. Many candidates make the mistake of thinking that this interview is just a matter of one day. Well, this is completely untrue. Thus, candidates should have complete information about the SSB interview. Go through the following points to know the details of this interview:

  • Firstly, you need to appear for the screening test.
  • If you clear the screening test, then you are supposed to stay in the SSB center for the next 5-6 days. 
  • Personal interview is also a part of SSB. Apart from personal interviews, candidates appear for various tests like SRT, WAT, Progression Group Task etc. 

Note that you need to appear for these exams on consecutive days after clearing the screening test. So, be ready to navigate through the SSB interview.  

  • Form test-wise preparation habits

After following the above tip staunchly, now it’s the time to prepare for each test properly. It is vital to prepare for each phase of the SSB interview. You can prepare for tests by following appropriate study material. For SRT( Situation Reaction Test) and WAT (Word Association Test), you can follow the same study material. However, it is tough to prepare for personal interviews and group tasks just by referring to books. You need to have good intellect and confidence to pass the personal interview.

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Moreover, you need to clear some physical efficiency tests. For that, you need to follow a proper routine of vigorous exercise. Additionally, you can gather information regarding various obstacles that you need to clear for physical efficiency tests. 

  • Have knowledge of current affairs

When you go for an interview in the defence forces, your interviewer asks maximum questions from current affairs. Therefore, you don’t need knowledge of current affairs just for exams but also interviews. You can easily brush up on your knowledge of current affairs by reading a newspaper daily or following a news channel. Additionally, you can download a current affair app on your smartphone. The best part of downloading an app is that it provides daily quizzes. Solving those quizzes can help you in refining your knowledge of current affairs.

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  • Practice time management

There are a number of tests that you need to clear during those 5-6 days. Moreover, you’ll get limited time to complete those tests. So, it is highly recommended to learn time management while preparing for the exam. Note that you need to have quick thinking and decision making skills while appearing for the SSB interview. Good time management skills can help you get through the tough phases of the defence exam. Also, these skills can help you complete your tasks during the job. Therefore, it is necessary for defence aspirants to possess time management skills.

  • Prepare a good introduction for yourself

You may be asked to introduce yourself while giving the personal interview. So, do your best to make it impressive. We would recommend you to be honest and clear while introducing yourself. It can set your good image before the interviewer. Note that the way you introduce yourself reveals a lot about your personality. Therefore, try to make it impressive.

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Additionally, you need to have good communication skills to pass the interview. It can make you look confident. If you don’t have good communications skills, seek help from a reliable source. This is how you can prepare for the personal interview. 

  • Brush up your academic knowledge

Sometimes the interviewer asks questions regarding the subjects you studied in 12th class or during graduation. Therefore, you should have in-depth knowledge of your subjects. It can help you in answering the interviewer’s questions clearly. So, spare some time from your daily schedule and make some time to study your academic subjects. In case you have any doubts in any subject, then ask your mentor immediately.

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Cracking the defence exams is not a bed of roses. You need to spend some sleepless nights in the haste to perform well in the exam. The toughest part of the defence examinations is not the written test, but SSB interview. Many defence aspirants remain incognizant regarding how to prepare and appear for the defence exams. They can go through the above points to enlighten their mind. We hope that this article can guide defence aspirants and help them clear the SSB interview perfectly

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