How Much is Dannon Green Worth in 2021? Get the Insider Scoop Here! 

 April 2, 2023


When it comes to yogurt, Dannon Green is a name that has been around for decades. From the classic Fruit on the Bottom to the more recent Activia and Oikos brands, Dannon Green has provided people with a wide range of delicious yogurt options. But have you ever wondered how much this company is worth? In 2021, Dannon Green’s worth is a hot topic. If you’re curious about the value of this popular yogurt brand, keep on reading to get the insider scoop!

The history of Dannon Green

The Dannon Green company was founded by Isaac Carasso in 1919 in Barcelona, Spain. He named the company after his son, Daniel, shortened to “Danone” in Catalan. In 1942, Carasso moved his business to the US, where a new factory was established in New York. The first American-made Dannon yogurt was sold in 1947. By the 1950s, the company had become a household name and was one of the top-selling yogurt brands in the US. Currently, the Dannon Green company is a subsidiary of Danone North America, which is owned by Danone SA.

The value of Dannon Green

As of 2021, it is estimated that Dannon Green is worth more than $1 billion. This number has varied over the years due to changes in the market and the company’s performance. In 2019, for example, Dannon Green’s sales dropped by 3 percent, resulting in a decrease in value. However, the company has recovered since then, thanks in part to its popular Activia and Oikos brands. Additionally, Dannon Green has recently implemented sustainability initiatives, such as using recycled plastic and reducing water usage, which could increase its value even further.

Factors affecting Dannon Green’s worth

Several factors can impact the value of Dannon Green, including:

– The performance of the company’s products in the market
– Changes in consumer demand and preferences for yogurt products
– The level of competition in the yogurt industry
– The success of the company’s sustainability initiatives
– The stability of the parent company, Danone SA

The future of Dannon Green

While there is no way to predict the future, Dannon Green’s outlook appears positive. The company continues to innovate with new product lines and flavors, such as its line of non-dairy yogurts. Additionally, the push for sustainability in the food industry could further increase the value and popularity of Dannon Green. Overall, it seems that Dannon Green will continue to be a staple in the yogurt market for years to come.


– Q: What is Dannon Green’s net worth in 2021?
A: Dannon Green’s net worth is estimated to be more than $1 billion.

– Q: What brands does Dannon Green own?
A: Dannon Green owns several brands, including Activia, Oikos, Danimals, and Light & Fit.

– Q: Is Dannon Green a publicly-traded company?
A: No, Dannon Green is a subsidiary of Danone North America, which is owned by Danone SA.

– Q: What is the history of Dannon Green?
A: Dannon Green was founded by Isaac Carasso in Barcelona in 1919 and was established in the US in 1942.

– Q: What factors can affect Dannon Green’s worth?
A: Factors that can impact Dannon Green’s value include the performance of its products, changes in consumer demand, competition in the industry, and the success of sustainability initiatives.

– Q: What sustainability initiatives has Dannon Green implemented?
A: Dannon Green has implemented initiatives such as using recycled plastic and reducing water usage.

– Q: What is the future outlook for Dannon Green?
A: The future outlook for Dannon Green appears positive, as the company continues to innovate with new product lines and sustainability initiatives.


From its humble beginnings in Spain to its status as a multibillion-dollar company, Dannon Green has a rich history. As of 2021, the yogurt giant is worth more than $1 billion, thanks in part to its popular brands like Activia and Oikos. With continued innovation and sustainability initiatives, it seems that Dannon Green’s future prospects are bright. Whether you’re a fan of classic Fruit on the Bottom or adventurous non-dairy options, this yogurt brand is sure to remain a household name for years to come.

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