Here, 7 Undebatable reasons to pass buying Huawei Band 4 

 February 23, 2022

Huawei Band 4 launched the device in the market on October 24, 2019. Looking for a trendy and useful band? Just go for this band. Variety of colors are available for Huawei Band 4. The band comes with numerous features. Monitor your health with zero effort.

The Operating system installed in Band 4 by Huawei is Android 4.4 or later iOS 9.0 later. The resolution offered by the band is 80*160 pixels.

Youthful Design meets Adjustable strap

The band comes in fashionable splash colors. Huawei band 4 goes with your fashion style. The band comes in three different colors: Sakura Pink, Amber Sunrise, and Graphite Black. However, the 2.5D radiant touch screen gives you an amazing visual experience, appealing interface, and notifications of messages received on your devices.

The size of the screen provided by Huawei is 0.96 inches.

Set unique side of band screen

Articulate yourself by offering your device as much character as you have.

HUAWEI Watch Face Store gives numerous watch faces in divergent styles of sports, cartoon, intelligence, and hi-technology for the selection. In fact, your mood can decide the style of the screen.

Effortless Charging, Durable Usage

Unbound you from divergent cables and chargers. The USB plug installed in the band of Huawei fits in common USB Chargers available around you. Moreover, you get the leverage to charge your band anywhere and anytime. Charge your band once and use the band for six days without charge.

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Detect Oxygen Saturation with Band 4

One of the significant vital signs is Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2). The oxygen saturation can give back the oxygen supply of the body. Indeed, the band supports single-time SpO2 level estimating, helping you discover the level of oxygen in the blood. You get the liberty to check whenever and wherever you feel.

Track your heart rate with Band 4

With changing technology over a period, bands have processing chips installed and artificial intelligence algorithms. HUAWEI TruSeen installed in band 3.5 monitors the heart rate with reliable results. However, the band offers intelligent reminders via vibrations if the heart rate outdoes the maximum standard heart rate. While the band is in night mode, the covert light makes sure to cause less distraction. So, you have an effective sleep.

Band help to monitor your sleep

For a better living, having a healthy sleep is all you want. HUAWEI TruSleep 2.0 helps you to keep a record of your heart rate while sleeping to acknowledge the four phases and look over the sleep standard. Helps you to identify the sleeping problem you may suffer or are suffering.

Even give you suggestions to improve your sleeping cycle.

The deep purple circle showcases you having a deep sleep. However, the light purple circle tells you had a light sleep. The Pink circle shows you had a night of REM sleep. Indeed, the yellow circle shows you are awake.

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Help you Get Active and Stay Active

Choose the activity you are comfortable with and monitor your activity by Band. Moreover, the band gives detailed data outcomes like heart rate, heart rate zone, counting steps, distance, and more. So, you can modify yourself for better activity.


In brief, Huawei Band 4 helps you to monitor your health. Huawei provides 80*160 pixels resolution. The band helps you to stay active and get active. Even the band helps users to detect oxygen saturation and keep a track of your heart rate. In fact, users can monitor your sleep.


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