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 June 25, 2021

Google offers a free Google Digital Marketing Courses Certification course that teaches students the basics of digital marketing while also introducing them to Google products. Google will award you a certificate after you complete the course and pass the online test. After being Google accredited, one would be regarded as a powerful and knowledgeable digital marketer. Many of the Google certifications

With this new era of technology, every business got digitized to reach their customer with just one click. This also made it essential for businesses to speed up their digitization plans to reach more digital audiences and promote their business. Learning digital marketing has become a basic necessity to make a business grow globally online. Digital marketing strategies help your businesses connect with consumers in more meaningful ways.

Note: The aim of this article is to provide free tools for learning the fundamentals. You can enroll in our Paid Digital Marketing Course if you want to learn practical skills.

Where can I learn digital marketing?

Google provides free online Digital Marketing Courses with Google Digital Marketing Certification.

  • You can learn all fundamentals of digital marketing along with Google products through these courses.
  • There are many topics under these courses related to every aspect necessary for successful digital marketing.
  • After selecting the course you have to appear for exam and on successful passing of online exam one shall be accredited with certificate by Google
  • All Google certificates are online and completely free.
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Why choose Google for a digital marketing course?

  • Google provides most of courses free
  • Courses are approved by industry experts, top entrepreneurs and world’s leading employees.
  • You will learn up-to-date real world skills that will help you reach your goal.
  • One can learn at their own pace with personalized training courses. Create your own unique learning plan
  • One can track their progress, get certified and upgrade their CV

Who can take the Google Digital Marketing course?

  • Any graduate looking for an opportunity to learn digital marketing for a successful career.
  • Marketing professionals looking for ways to upgrade their marketing skills
  • Entrepreneurs willing to expand their business on online platforms by learning digital marketing courses by Google

Whether you are a student or an entrepreneur you can choose courses according to your level and need. It doesn’t matter in what part you are in your journey, Google Digital Marketing Courses are designed to help you learn new digital skills, improve your interview skills, discover new digital tools, and prepare for the career you want.

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Learn Digital Marketing with Google

Google courses are designed for all whether you are a beginner’s level or advanced, it helps in the practical use of skills in the real environment.

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Google certification courses are as follows:

  1. Google Digital Unlocked course-
  • It is like an introductory course which gives an overview of digital dynamic telling one about what they will be learning throughout the course.
  • Also highlights some of the benefits of building or polishing your digital skills.
  • It is perfect for every beginner to start their journey in digital marketing.
  • It is still the most popular course in Google Digital Marketing course on the internet today.
  • Whether you’re a student or a graduate or an entrepreneur you can take this course fully free of cost.
  1. AdWords Fundamentals course- paid advertisements are equally important for digital marketing.
    • AdWords helps you  utilize distinctive targeting techniques to achieve potential clients’ right at the time when they’re hunting down your items or administrations
    • By AdWords help you can learn how to run paid campaigns and check traffic on your website.
    • You also learn the importance of influencer marketing
    • Once the course is complete you can go through AdWords Exam Study Guide to appear in the exam and get certified.
  • AdWords Exam Study Guide-

This is like any other exam guide which helps you in passing the exam to get the certificate. The study guide will help you understand the course in depth and pass the exam without wasting any time.

  • AdWords Refresher Guide – This is the brief version of AdWords Study Guide. The Refresher Guide is also made to help you in reviewing the course in detail and pass the exam.
  • Google Academy for Ads– This module is packed with all the aptitudes you need for successful online advertising.
  • Guide to AdWords Success– This module is a guide to explain all the benefits of AdWords.
    • This helps you in building the best keywords list.
    • Keywords lists are important to get the highest rank in Google search results.
    • Helps in building relevant Ads with Ads Extensions
  • Campaign Settings- To bring relevant traffic to your business you need to customize your ads based on your audience location. Campaign Settings module helps you to learn each and every settings for your Ads that you require for better results.
  • Steps to Budget Smarts– On running paid ads on your website you’ll also need to learn financial aspects of business. This module is designed to teach about the budget and financial aspects of businesses.
  1. Search Advertising Course- This module helps you build a solid knowledge of search advertising optimization for Ad performance for your website or business.
  • Search Advertising Exam Study Guide- helps you understand how search functions, how to compose Ad Campaigns etc,. This consists of all the Search Advertising details in depth
  • Search Refresh Guide-  A guide to help you revise all the details about Search Advertising Course and pass the exam to get certified.
  • Introduction to Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)- helps you learn how to send the correct message to the right individual at the ideal time.
  1. Display Advertising Course-  This module helps you learn how to contact individuals by analyzing their Gmail records or utilizing mobile application sites. It helps you learn about diverse sorts of display ads, best practices for campaign administration etc,.
  • Exam Study Guide- if you want to take the exam on Display Advertising then you must go through the exam study guide to pass the exam at one go. This guide comprises all the important aspects of Display Advertising that you need to pass the exam.
  • Refresher Guide– this is the brief version of Exam Study Guide.
  • Display Settings- When you’re creating display advertisements you need to edit each and every aspect of it, this module helps you learn about it.
  • Setting up Remarketing- The advertisements that appear after browsing about a product is re-marketing. To display ads learning re-marketing at first is very essential.
  1. Mobile Advertising CourseIn the 21st century mobile marketing helps you target your customer more efficiently. This module is designed to learn about how to reach your audience through mobile advertising in a more professional manner and also to ensure how to get the highest possible;e return on your investment.
  • Exam Study Guide-  this guide provides an easy one step solution for easy understanding of the subject.
  • Refresher Guide– This helps you to go through the topics in detail and helps you pass the exam without wasting any time.
  • Mobile Ads– Consists of all the basics that you need to know to excel in mobile ads.
  1. Google’s Video Advertising Course–  With this Google Digital Marketing course you’ll learn how to gain access to a wider audience through video advertising in a professional manner. This module helps you learn about how video advertising works and how to offer the best video promotions.
  • Exam Study Guide– Guide for those who want to appear for the Video Advertising Exam.
  • Refresher Guide– More detailed guide to the entire Video Advertising course, helps you to prepare better for the exam.
  • Video Ad Assessment– Learn through assessment of Google video ads for better understanding of the course.
  • Discover the value of YouTube– learn about the free Google tools available online. Through this module you can learn how to utilize YouTube for your business.
  • Explore Creative Essentials for YouTube– learn how to make your business go global using this tool.
  1. Shopping Advertising Course– this helps you learn how to run shopping campaigns and promote local inventory. You can learn how to connect with local businesses, retailers and boost the business.
  • Exam Study Guide– The guide is appropriate for those who are planning to take the Shopping Advertising Exam as it consists of detailed information about every aspect from data feed submission to optimization etc,.
  • Refresher Guide– Easy to read guide which is the brief version of Exam Study Guide for Shopping Advertising Course.
  1. Analytics Course- this module is designed to give you knowledge about the basics of Google Analytics. Once you learn about this you learn how to implement strategies, metrics and dimensions mean complete details about your website. This course helps you analyze how people respond to your ads and on your website.
  1. Google My Business Course– This is an efficient tool that helps you take your business online exposing to a larger audience. To make your business rank first when someone from your local region searches online for your services then you need to set up your My Business account properly. Google My Business provides a wide range of facilities for your business such as you can share your service details, photos, product details etc, for your customers.
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Practical Content Strategy & Marketing: The Content Strategy & Marketing Course Guidebook(Opens in a new browser tab)

  1.  Tools and Practices Course– To learn digital marketing thoroughly you need to take this course. This helps you plan your keywords, investigate latest digital marketing trends and proper arrangement for advertising campaigns.
  • Keyword Planner and Display– this is used to customize your ads so that they are visible to relevant customers.
  • Google Trends– This tool is used to create content based on trending topics.
  • Google Webmaster– This tool helps you learn about your website configuration such as site traffic, site optimization etc.
  • Google AdSense– This tool helps you to place ads of your wish on your website.

More such tools available on Google Digital Marketing Course are-

(i) Google Search Console

(ii) G-Suite Marketplace

(iii) Test My Site

(iv) Google PageSpeed

(v) Google Calendar

(vi) Consumer Barometer etc.

Google Digital Marketing Courses are designed for beginners to advanced level people for complete professional knowledge of digital marketing. In this 21st century every business is getting digitalized, it has become more essential to learn the basics of digital marketing to make your business grow more online.

  • Google Digital Marketing Courses comes with a lot of filters to choose, it doesn’t matter if you’re a college graduate or an entrepreneur you can decide your level and choose the course which fulfills your requirement.
  • The courses can also be planned according to your schedule, so you can learn at your own pace
  • .Video tutorials are provided with unlimited access.
  • Upgrade your CV with IAB-accredited recognized certificates.
  • Get Google Certified Certificates on Digital Marketing at free of cost.
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